Friday, November 30, 2012

How Are You Going To Keep Your Diabetes Advocating Mojo Going For The Next 11 Months?

It's the last day of Diabetes Month ( that blows my mind!) and all of us have worked so incredibly hard to advocate and spread the diabetes awareness love.

But here's the thing, just because tomorrow is December 1st, that doesn't mean that our diabetes advocating stops.
Look, no matter what month or day it is, we don't have a choice but to advocate and educate others about life with diabetes.
Still, that doesn't mean that we don't get tired, because we absolutely do.
And there's nothing wrong with taking a big breath to  catch-up and regroup before we start advocationg all over again.
So here's my question to you: How are you going to keep your Diabetes Advocating Mojo going for the next 11 months?
OK, I'll go first.
I'm going to keep my Diabetes Advocating Mojo going by taking my inspiration from you and continue to keep moving forward no matter what!
I've learned as of late that when life throws you lemons (or a hurricane, but whatever) you need to keep going, pick up those lemons and make a damn fine lemonade - Or in my case, a damn fine Vodka Lemonade Martini!
With that being said, I'm going to continue to advocate my proverbial D-a$$ off.
I have a few things coming up on the blog and in IRL (in real life) that will help me do just that and I'll go into all the details very soon!
And I want to give back and help others with diabetes anyway I can, whether it's listening to another PWD who's feeling down, cycling (did I really just put that in print?) to raise money for diabetes and anything else inbetween.
Because (and here's where it gets a little selfish,) by helping others feel better - I end up feeling better.


StephenS said...

Kelly, I totally get it... I need to keep the advocacy going. Makes me feel good too.

Can't wait to hear about the cycling.

Marie Smith said...

Way to go Kelly. Advocating matters. I am so glad you are all over it. Your voice and efforts make a difference.

Scott Strange said...

I'm just going to wake up every morning and live better than I did yesterday