Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kelly Kunik Has Secretly Replaced The Insulin In Her Loaner Insulin Pump With Agave Syrup ....Will She Notice The Difference?

If loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right~
The other night I went to Trader Joe's and some how the woman bagging my groceries saw my loner insulin pump and we started to talk about diabetes. 

 And then she started to do a play by play on the remaining contents of my items that she had yet to bag.

Bag Lady: Well you eat healthy - Orange peppers, salmon burgers, taco seasoning, strawberries, Heirloom tomatoes, Valencia Heirloom oranges. Everything looks good except for the oatmeal cookies and this bag of sugar. 

Me: A. I really like the Trader Joe’s Oatmeal Cookies. They taste like the oatmeal cookies my mom used to buy me as a kid.
B. I can have sugar - sugar is not off limits. For the record, I drink my coffee with cream and sugar every morning.

BagLady: Coffee Makes you crave sugar

Me: Actually, coffee makes me wake up in the morning. 

Bag Lady: Yeah, but coffee makes you crave sugar. 

Me: Yeah.... But so does getting my period or watching ‘Cupcake Wars’. 

Bag Lady: Have you considered using agave instead of sugar?

Me: I actually have Trader Joe’s Agave Syrup at home - I  just haven’t used it yet. But I like my coffee with cream and sugar. 

Bag Lady: I'm just saying it's lower on the glycemic index. 

Me: Yeah..... I like with my coffee the way it is.

Bag Lady: I think agave could REALLY help regulate your sugars. 

Me:  OK, I'll consider secretly replacing the insulin in my pump with agave syrup and let you know how it all works out. 

And then I smiled and said goodbye and was out the door. 
But between you, me and the entire DOC I wanted to tell her to shut up!  

I just wanted to enjoy my Trader Joe’s bounty, instead of having to explain the WHY behind my $63 dollar TraderJoe’s purchase - or my choices, diabetes or otherwise.

By the time I loaded up my car I wasn't so annoyed at her anymore because I knew in my heart that Bagger Lady was just trying to help, not hurt me. We were having a conversation, she was offering her opinion (OK, pushing her opinion,) and I just didn't feel like I needed the help, because I really didn't. 
So I cracked a joke and a smile and went on my way - because this wasn't a battle I felt like fighting - There are much bigger & more important diabetes battles in this world to fight - And I do.  

Plus, I had a long ride home & I really wanted to crack open those cookies. 

And who knows, maybe someday I will try agave in my coffee, but not today and probably not tomorrow because quite frankly, the thought of it kind of grosses me out. OK, agave syrup in my coffee is never going to happen and I can live with that. 

And ftr, I still LOVE TraderJoe’s! ;)

Kelly Kunik Has Secretly Replaced The Insulin In Her Loaner Pump With Agave Syrup ....Will She Notice The Difference? 


joe said...

this is why i'm sticking with giant the cashiers don't know and don't care what i'm buying

Unknown said...

I dunno, there's some days I'm pretty sure my insulin mysteriously transforms into agave syrup. Can't get your numbers down one afternoon? I'm just sayin'.

Karen said...

Does she have diabetes? Is she an endo with a side job at Trader Joe's? If not, she should just mind her own business. Actually, even if she was an endo with diabetes, she should still mind her own business. (Yes, I'm crabby today.) And I thought the latest news was the agave isn't that healthy either.

Scully said...

"I like my coffee with cream and sugar" end of story. wash rinse repeat. :)

You done good girl, I probably wouldn't have been so nice.

and FTR, Agave syrup is actually kind of bad for you. Plus it has a weird non-sugar taste because... well... it's not sugar. It's good in some things but I truly believe you're better off having regular sugar than anything like agave. It just doesn't taste the same.

Bob P said...

The whole "diabetes police" thing is ultimately about respect. If I don't know much about your situation, I respect the other person enough to assume they do. Even if I do know a lot about their situation, I respect them enough to make their own choices about dealing with it. Even if they liked an ounce or two of HFCS in their brew, I respect them enough to let that go, even if I am shaking my head inside.

landileigh said...

so now the diabetes police works at Trader Joe's?

I hate anyone telling me what I can and can't do with diabetes. I am the one living with it every day.

And they wonder why people with diabetes want to hide it from everyone? perfect example.

Hope the cookies were DELISH!

Scott S said...

Agave syrup in coffee ... bleeech! (Come to think of it, maybe bleach would taste better in coffee!). I try not to talk to strangers about diabetes because a) I never volunteered to educate the ignorant masses about this disease and b) I don't really care what their ill-informed opinions are. I LOVE what Karen said: " Is she an endo with a side job at Trader Joe's?"

'Nuff said. wash rinse repeat

Stupid Girl and the Train Wreck said...

I hate people that do that. If I wanted there advice I'd ask for it. No one tell ME how I take my coffee. That reminds me of the day the cashier advised me to buy whole carrots instead of shredded ones because they were cheaper. If I wanted to shred my own carrots I wouldn't buy carrots that are already shredded.

Melissa Lee said...

Coffee drinkers know how we like our coffee. Don't offer nasty suggestions like Agave.

Brenda Bell said...

I got agave syrup from Trader Joe's some time ago. It sat on my shelf for a while, then I decided to taste it. It's definitely NOT sugar or simple syrup (a boiled syrup made of granulated sugar and water), but it's as close to a "neutral" taste from a "non-sugar" as I've experienced. That said, I'm not purchasing it again.

Mike Hoskins said...

Anyone remember the movie Adventures in Babysitting, and the train scene: "Don't EFF with the babysitter!" Well, I picture the DOC with K2 leading, confronting the Bagger Lady with: "Don't EFF with our coffee, lady!" :)) Great line you had there, Kel. Let us know how that syrup works out. You never know: It could be the next quantum leap or something...

Unknown said...

If I had a quarter for every time I've had a similar conversation, I'd have enough for that islet transplant; then I wouldn't need no stinkin' agave.