Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Feeling Helpless & Focusing On Helping

Today I’m pretty blank as to what to write - I have nothing because I keep thinking about Boston. I keep thinking about the runners and their families and the spectators who were just out there supporting everyone and having a great time. 
I keep thinking about the first responders and how they towards the chaos when everyone was running away from it. 
I keep thinking about life and how incredibly short it is and how our worlds can be changed both personally and as a nation in seconds and forever. 

And I keep clinging to the words hope; love, strength and tenacity - And how we as a nation are going to need once again require massive doses of all of the above - And how we are going to need to spread hope; love, strength and tenacity.

I felt so damn helpless yesterday as I sat at my computer at work, and just as helpless when I came home and turned on my TV and cried in front of it. I cried most of last night - The only thing I could do was to tweet helpful links about housing registries for the runners, run tracking for marathoners, etc, and post said links on faceobook. 

I think we all are all shocked feeling hopeless and lost and sad - and helpless. So if you know of anyways to help, please share - so others can help and feel less helpless and more helpful.  

It doesn’t matter if it’s praying, giving blood, setting up fundraising pages, etc. 

OK, I’ll start. This morning my/our Despite Diabetes friend Moira McCarthy posted this on her Facebook page:
I have been at a loss all night figuring out how to do SOMETHING to help or show all those impacted directly that we care. This is my idea, and feel free to share it: Pick a charity that had runners at the Marathon and donate to a runner. Does not have to be a lot -- even a dollar. And show that runner and charity that you care. I'm going to donate to a JDRF Runner of course, but I'm also going to choose a charity I might not usually support and a runner whom I don't know at all. Show them the world cares. Join me.

Many in the diabetes online community are running with Moira’s idea - And I think that’s awesome!

Other friends, like my friend Deb Ruppert went out early this morning to donate blood.
Deb is on the left coast, but blood donations are always in need across the US - especially in times of crisis - And a pint can literally save a person’s life. 
It’s so simple and yet it’s something many of us forget about - Also, you get a donut when you donate blood - So... you know.... 

Today many people, including my friend Ann Bartlett are wearing Running Jerseys ( or in Ann’s case, her Boston Marathon Volunteer jacket) in support of the runners. 

Therapy dogs are being flown to Boston to offer comfort.

Runners stores across the country have become impromptu places for runners to gather and support each one another as they mourn  - And as someone who appreciates and draws support from her own diabetes community - I TOTALLY GET IT.

Last night a group Knoxville Runners, prompted by this tweet had a candle service in their running park. 

If any of you live in the Boston area and would like to help stranded runners find shelter, http://Boston.com  has created a registry for stranded Marathoners (hotel evacuated, flight canceled,etc) here:  http://j.mp/marathonhome 

As for me, I’m going to be running with Moira’s idea - pun not intended - Donating small amounts to several Boston Marathon Teams charities, Diabetes and otherwise -  I'm not rich by any means, but a little goes along way. 

And I’m going to do my best to cling to the words HELP, hope; love, strength and tenacity - And make them my mantras of choice. 

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