Tuesday, October 15, 2013


168 - According to Google it’s the number directly after 167 and directly before 168, which of course is a given. 

It's also a leap year that began on a Thursday of the Julian Calendar, (and not to be confused with the ever popular Julienne Salad,) a calendar started by Julius Caesar in 46 BC; a bus route to Kent in Washington state, a short film, the number of hours in a week and part of a time management book title currently available on Amazon - And those are just the top of the Google 168 iceberg. 

168 represents a lot of the stuff too, including the blood sugar number I seem to be stuck to these last few days. 
Even with numerous site changes and temporary basal rate started last night, 168 seems to be the go to number of my body these past couple of days.  
 It’s annoying for sure & it makes me feel slightly decafey to boot, but it could be worse - So I’ll increase my temp basal rate again and keep on keep on keeping on. 
Hey, maybe I’ll even play the lottery with the number 168, or a series of numbers that equal 168, or the square root of 168, which happens to be 12.9614813968157
Diabetesalicious minds want to know: Did you ever “get stuck” on a blood sugar number/a series of blood sugar numbers for a few days? 
And if so did it make you a little nuts in the head - Because being stalked by 168 is annoying the crap out of me!


Allison Nimlos said...

I've been 97 three times in the last two days! and once I was 109 three times in a row! Not that I'm complaining, but it's definitely a little freaky... especially what we know about meter accuracy, I'm just like "really?!"

StephenS said...

I've been seeing 92 a lot lately. When I see the same number a lot, I take it as a sign to change my lancet (which, I know, makes no sense).