Friday, November 22, 2013

Grazing, As In: I'm Guilty!

I wounder if Kung-Fu-Cow has grazing issues? 
Grazing while making dinner, it's a thing and I'm guilty of it a lot as of late.
I normally don't graze throughout the day - Actually, I'm not that hungry during the day.
I have coffee at breakfast and sometimes a yogurt with fruit or a kind bar, maybe a yogurt or a half of sandwich at lunch and sometimes, something light around 3. 
But for the most part - I'm not hungry.

Dinner as of late, well that's a different story. 
By the time I get home, I'm hungry - And have absolutely every intention of creating a fabulous meal. 
But then I start grazing (and bolusing for) cheese and crackers or pita chips and hummus, and as long as I'm being all honest, peanut butter and jam piled up high on a spoon with vanilla almond milk is really starting to become a problem.
And by the time I'm done grazing, I just don't feel like cooking - or eating for that matter. 
It used to be easier when I lived with someone - I love cooking for others, but for some reason it feels like a chore for just me.
The Spring,  Summer & Summer into Fall are so much easier - I seem to crave healthy foods and cooking and I make all sorts of delicious from the garden salads, bbq 7 fish dishes.

Winter - Not so much.

Yep, I'm in a grazing food funk.

Still, I try and making a big pot of homemade & healthy soup or chili every Sunday throughout the fall and winter for many reasons: 
A, I'm really good at making homemade soups - like REALLY GOOD - Stop by the tomorrow for my blackbean & chorizo soup recipe.
B. Soup covers a good two or thee dinners in a row for me, sometimes more. 
C. Soup cuts the grazing time substantially because all I need to do is make a prepare something veggiful and reheat my soup.
D. Soup tastes even better the next day - And the day after that
E. When I do get tired of the soup, I freeze what's leftover & am usually inspired to make a meal - Like a quiche or  Or I go out.
F. Did I mention I'm really good at making soups? 

But the past 3 weeks between traveling, day trips for work and on the weekend, my soup making has gone to the wayside - Along with healthy dinners.
I used to be all about the dip and veggies when it came to grazing  - And for some reason - that's stopped to. 

But after a graze fest of epic proportions last night that were followed by bitch blood sugars - This dinner time grazing must come to an end. And I want to get back to 

I can't be the only one  - Anyone have any advice when it comes to grazing? 
Also: MOO


anthea said...

Totally understand. I eat a Healthy warrior Chia Bar, a cup of tea both of which take the edge off. I cook a lot, I mean almost every day for the family. I love it but feel trapped amongst food I "can't" eat at times. I chew gum, drink from water bottle, tap my hands with my fingers & remind myself I don't need snacks & want to wait for dinner. Re-stock fridge with the ready-veggies, my best weapon, snow peas & hummus feels sinful!

anthea said...

I forgot instant Miso soup. Lifesaver for those times for me

Unknown said...

I'm the opposite, I have a really hard time with grazing during the day at work. Then at night I have no appetite but I will cook a good healthy dinner. I was for a while being really good and bringing veggies to work to snack on and I really need to get back to it. But like you said, it's harder fit that in the winter. I had more fresh home grown veggies from my garden then and now I don't.

BBird said...

Just one thing to say: crockpot

If you've got a hot delicious stew or soup or whatever waiting for you when you get home, there's no need to graze. Seriously the best investment ever.