Monday, February 3, 2014

Diabetes Art Day 2014: *CLINK* & #forDean

My submission for Diabetes Art Day 2014
I like to see my life's glass half full - 
Same goes for my diabetes glass.  
Some days are harder than others - But no matter what we have to keep 
trying and doing & we can't give up. 
And we must celebrate all the victories in life and life with diabetes, regardless of the size. 
#dartday *CLINK* to and #forDean


Lee Ann Thill said...

That brought tears to my eyes, Kelly. It's so beautiful! Thank you for making this... it's perfect. <3

Karen said...

Clinking right back to you!!

Mike said...

This is great, K2! Love the idea and the color, and here's a clink right back in your direction. Thanks for making and sharing this with all of us.

shannon said...

hope floats! love it! *clink*

Kim said...

Delicious! :)