Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Challenging Blood Sugar Point Spread & Being "Awesome Baby With A Capital A!"

I don't really do a lot of seasonal sports sayings/euphemisms on the blog, except of course when I do~
Saturday was a day where my blood sugar point spread was driving me nuts! 
I'd fixed Friday's infusion site issues and had textbook blood sugars from lunchtime Friday afternoon until I went to bed on Friday night.  
But on Saturday morning I woke up with blood sugar of 220. INTERESTING.
No worries  - I had to drop my car off at my mechanics for an early oil change and the 1.5 mile walk home would take care of that pesky blood sugar. Except half way into my walk back I was still 220. VERY WEIRD.
I'd been dealing with some blood sugar issues since Wednesday and I was tired of it. 
So I did another correction bolus and picked up the pace and by the time I'd walked home my blood sugar was 180 and down to 134 at lunch an hour later. 
Cut to 2 hours later and me me walking back to pick up my car and my blood sugar dropping to 82 - YAY - Back on track. 
I had a snack, did some laundry, then jumped in the shower and put on dress. I was attending a fundraising dinner a friend was hosting for a great cause 45 minutes away and I needed to get on the road.
And that would be where things get weird again:  Before I left the house my blood sugar was back up to 235 - so I increased the temporary basal rate to 130% and jumped in my car. 
30 minutes later I stopped at the rest stop o the Parkway and tested - I was 228. I was super annoyed and made the executive discussion to crack the Temp Basal to 157% and then did another correction bolus and got back on the road 
25 minutes later I arrived at my destination. I parked, checked myself in the mirror, applied my lipstick and tested my blood sugar yet again - It was 219. 
I cranked my temp basal rate to 167%, did another correction bolus and tried to remain calm - Being angry wouldn't help my numbers but I was PISSED. 
I walked in the house and was immediately greeted by friends - After hugs and hellos my friend Faye asked me if I wanted a glass of wine - I absolutely did - but I knew I needed to wait and told her I wasn't quite ready. 
I stood there for a good 25 minutes talking, laughing and meeting new people, until our gracious host told us to start filing into the dining room and fill our plates. 
As people headed towards the food, I returned to the vestibule,  knelt over my handbag and grabbed my meter, took a deep breath and tested. 5 seconds later the number 168 flashed up on the screen.   
And before I knew it I had somehow channeled my inner Dick Vitale and screamed words "AWESOME BABY" I rocked my fist in the air - And just as my friend John was walking by with a plate full of food
John: What! Did you win your NCAA team just win? 
Me: Ahhhhh, no - But it's definitely about a point spread. #BGNOW is down by 52 points and I couldn't be happier!
John: WHO? Boston? 
Me: Not a who, a what - As in my blood sugar- AKA, #BGNOW. Now that it's going in the right direction I can eat all this amazing food and have a glass of wine and not worry - So yep: "AWESOME, BABY - WITH A CAPITAL A!

I kept the temporary basal rate cranked to 167 and  my numbers stayed in normal range all night and woke up with a blood sugar of 106 Sunday morning
I'm still rocking a temporary basal rate of 145 - because I'm all sorts of stuffed up and my immune system could use the extra pancreas juice. 
But I'm not going to worry about the temporary basal rate number, or how many units of insulin I'm taking while on the Temporary Basal Rate - As long as my blood sugar point spread stays "awesome baby - With a capital A!!!

And yep, I believe Dickie V would agree ~ :)  

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Unknown said...

I hate pesky highs that barely budge! But you rocked it. Totally awesome, K2! :)