Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Book Giveaway Winners & Endo Appointment Takeaways

First off: The 2 winners of the Diabetesaliciousness Joe Soloweijczyk's 'A Type 1 Diabetes Guide To The Universe,' book giveaway are Becky and Katy. 
CONGRATS ladies! Please contact me at kellykunik(at) with your contact info - As in email addresses. 

Secondly: Like so many in the Diabetes Online Community, yesterday was my endo appointment. Seriously, so many people were at their end's office yesterday - At least according to Facebook!  
And it wasn't bad - but I wasn't thrilled with my results.  
The good news: My labs - At least for the most part, were good - Cholesterol, liver, kidneys, etc were all normal - YAY. So was my blood pressure.
Yeserday's Endo Appt - It was OK - But I can do better~
The stuff I need to work on: 
My A1C was 7.5. 
Not terrible but not great. I can do better. I have to do better. 
So, how am I going to do better? 
Dr J and I decided that the best course of action would be to revisit basal rate testing. 
Do I like basal rate testing? No I do not. But that doesn't matter. I need to do it, so I'm going to.
I start basal rate testing for a couple days at the beginning of April. I'll scan and email the results to Dr.J and & also set up a time to meet with Cheryl, the CDE for a tuneup

D isn't just for diabetes: 
Like much of the east coast who have been battered by this crazy winter, my labs showed that my vitamin D levels are low. That sort of scared me. But as always, Dr. J talked me off the ledge. "Kelly, this is new and I really think it's because of this terrible winter, the lack of sun, the lack of you being outside etc. Calm down, we can fix this by you taking 1000 mgs of D daily."
SO...that's what I'm going to do.

Like I said, I wasn't thrilled with my results, but I also know: 
1. It could be worse
2. Change is good, change can be a pain in the ass, change can be scary and change is necessary - In life and life with diabetes. 
3. I'm not going to freak out about basal rate testing or the vitamin D. 
Instead, I'm going to get my daily dose of vitamin D on and look at my basal rate testing as a series of diabetes fact finding missions, the results of which will help me reset my Diabetes GPS coordinates and get me on the right track to a new and even more diabetesalicious Kelly~ 
It's easier and much more fun to approach basal rate testing that way - At least I think it is. :) 


Stacey said...

come live with me for a few week and we'll get that A1C down !

Unknown said...

We too had our endo appointment...the news wasn't great. But our nurse said something that I really liked, each day is a new day and opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start better D habits. In that moment, it's what we as parents and our son needed to hear. His A1C was terrible...I was holding back tears. So we wiped the slate clean and are working on each day being a new and better day for us. Right now, 1 day at a time works for us. ;)