Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Diabetes Vlog: Long Walks, Fitness Classes Or Yoga - My 'Old Reliable' For Workouts~

I'm still dealing with the whole foot tendinitis thing & have to keep the long walks really short. This short term low to no impact is driving me a little crazy & I all I want to do is walk for miles and miles and miles. 
Instead, I decided to vlog about my must have diabetes accessory during my long walks, (or yoga or fitness classes for that matter,) with the hopes that they will be happening again very soon.  
It's a one shot vlog so there's no editing; it's a bit goofy, slightly askew and far from perfect - But the same can be said of me! #dorkalert


Karen said...

Yup, that's precisely what I bring along too. If it's colder out and I'm running, I have a great runner's jacket-type thing with generous pockets that zipper and I can fit everything in them. Otherwise I wear a Tallygear Tummietote or just dump everything into a smallish nylon bag from a diabetes conference. :)

StephenS said...

Just got to where I could watch this. Loved it! I carry everything you do (except the lip gloss) in the bag under the saddle of my bike. I also carry my ATM card, just in case I break down miles away and need a little more help getting home.