Monday, May 5, 2014

Diabetes & Counting Cards

Diabetes is a crap-shoot of sorts.

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So over the weekend I read about Ben Affleck being banned from The Hard Rock Casino for life - And as I read the article I wondered several things:

1.  How do people actually learn to count cards?
2. How do they get so good they have to be banned for life from a casino?
And as my mind was wondering about Ben A and his talent for counting cards,  
I inadvertently reached for my insulin pump for no reason at all.
I do that a lot, reaching to the side of my hip and for no reason at all while at work or watching a movie at home. 
My hand gliding over electronic pancreas that's clipped to my hip, sometimes hidden, sometimes in full view - depending on my fashion statement and my mood.
It's reassuring for me - a security blanket of sorts.
Do I have my insulin pump on my person? Is it safe?  Am I safe?
Checking my insulin pump one of my many diabetes tells - if diabetes was a game of poker.
It's not of course - Diabetes is a chronic disease - but sometimes Diabetes (and the D tools we use) feels like a gamble, like the diabetes luck of the draw.... or not.
Diabetes as a game of chance? Like it or not, sometimes it is.
Other times diabetes is like a game of roulette involving blood sugar numbers, carb counts and the accuracy of both with complications and or the fear of, thrown in. 
7 times out of 10 I throw my diabetes card down on the table - letting the players of the game know that Diabetes is what I have and a part of who I am - Deal with it.
But there are still times I'm not ready to reveal my hidden hand because I'm not ready to show all my D cards - And Ben Affleck may or may not be able to call my diabetes bluff.  Idon't think he'd be able to.
Counting Cards diabetes style is so much more complicated & complex - and a hell of a lot less accurate

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Holly said...

Yep, it can be a total crap shoot! Planning just isn't enough sometimes. And we count cards. It's what we do. You use all the ammo you have at any given time.

And Lord, if I could figure out how to do it at Hard Rock Casino, I might even have the nerve to try it, haha!