Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Of Juice Box Lows & Being A Grown-Up

I was food shopping  - Something I don’t aways love to do, but ALWAYS make sure I do none the less. 
I walked down the “JUICE” aisle  as I popped some glucose tabs and saw that the Apple and Eve Fruit Punch juice boxes were on sale. 
You know, the ones with the cute little Elmo on the front of the box? 
They’re my favorite and I was hungry (more than hungry, I was starting to get that low feeling in my belly,) so I grabbed two eight packs, stuck them in the cart’s kiddie seat and immediately started ripping open the packaging. 
Stocking up for the first day of school?” Said a mom who was making her way towards me from the opposite end of the aisle.
'Not really,' I said as I tore the wrapping off the tiny straw and pierced open a juice box. They’re for me. 
Mom: Ohhhhh.... Well, we’re all big kids at heart.
I took a huge gulp and said: Yep, I totally am. Alsi: these juice boxes are the perfect size to treat a low blood sugar like the one I’m having now.
She gave a look like I had three heads and I continued walking down the aisle... slowly, but at the same time hurried and deliberately like - And I sucked down my juice box dry in record time. Then I lanced another Juice box and sucked that one down.
I didn’t want to have a conversation or go into greater detail or make small talk.
I wanted to keep going so I could get back to the business of feeling normal.  

The end of the Juice aisle ran smack dab into the Store Pharmacy, and that would be precisely where I stayed for the next 10 minutes while I waited for normal to begin again. 

Normal did return, the hanger subsided and I got back to the business of filling my cart.

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