Monday, September 29, 2014

24 Hours Left To Apply For The 2015 Diabetes UnConference Scholarships!

FYI: Early Bird registration for The Diabetes UnConference is $139 until October 15th, at which time the cost to register will be $159
I can't wait to attend The Diabetes UnConference at The Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas on Friday March 13th and ending Sunday March 15th at 1pm. I CAN'T WAIT. 

And I could wax poetic about so many things. 

Like how fantastical Christel Marchand Aprigliano is for creating a conference for all adults living with diabetes and regardless of the type, and how amazing it will be to participate and receive all the love, support and understanding from and by a clan of people who "get it."And how speaking of "getting it," The Diabetes UnConference is run by people with diabetes for people with diabetes. 

I could talk for hours about how diabetes is 24X7, with no time of for vacations or good behavior and how the UnConference will give every PWD in attendance the opportunity to talk about their diabetes fears and triumphs and learn a few things in the process - in a protective shell and supportive setting. 

And how for many, The Diabetes UnConference will be the first time in their existence with diabetes that they'll be able to to receive and give D support in real time and face to face - And I know first hand how transformative and life changing that will be.  

I know for a fact that magic will happen at The Diabetes UnConference and I can't wait!

I'll write another more detailed post about the UnConference in the next month, but right now I want to remind you about the scholarship deadlines for the "UnConference. "
Yep, you can apply for several scholarships for The Diabetes Unconference, which is AWESOME. 
But the scholarship deadline is literally just around the corner, as in you have until midnight tomorrow, September 30th to apply for said scholarships. 
And in order to apply, you have to actually be registered. Lucky for us, registering takes a few short strokes of the keyboard. Do that by clicking,  HERE.
Hotel and travel info for the UnConference is located, HERE.

After you register, click on the following link and apply for the scholarships!

Good luck and see you in March!

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Scott S said...

This should be a great event ... I'll see you there!