Friday, September 12, 2014

Because Sometimes Ketones Are Sneaky Little Suckers! Also: Replace the S in 'Suckers' with An F.

3 days of really great blood sugars sugars (except for an 80 blood sugar before bed on Wednesday night,) immediately followed by 24 hours of crap blood sugars, (because, of course) three infusion site changes and moderate ketones that snuck up on me so stealth like, I didn’t even feel their presence until I tested for them. 

If I hadn’t tested for ketones last night after my numbers started climbing yesterday at 7pm, when I checked my dinner blood sugar and it was 242 and up from 176 two hours earlier. 
I changed my site and had a tomato and mozzarella salad with some italian bread croutons for dinner because I didn’t want to eat anything heavy until me blood sugars evened out.  
The numbers that followed were 239 at 8:45 and and 250 at 10 pm, which is when I changed out my site AGAIN. 
So it turns out my 3 hour infusion site was not only clogged, it was a bleeder to boot! 
And on a whim I decided to check for ketones - And it was a damn good thing I did because I was spilling moderate ketones even though I felt just fine. 
I can't tell you how many times in the past I've checked for ketones when my numbers were well into the 300s and sans ketones. 

Diabetes is such a tricky bitch sometimes! 

This morning I didn’t skip a beat even though I woke up with a 220 and was still running moderate ketones. Breakfast was coffee with cream and sugar and copious amounts of water. 
I’m doing the work thing, I feel great and my ketones are running somewhere between small & trace amounts. 

As much as all of the above being a metaphoric pain in the ass,(and it was) it was also a really great reminder to me that ketones happen, even when your not feeling the symptoms - And I’m grateful that I had the means to test for and keep an eye on them

So have you ever checked for ketones and been surprised by the results? 

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Alecia said...

A tricky B indeed!