Thursday, December 18, 2014

Stylish & Functional: Adorn Designs Clutch Review & Holiday Giveaway!

I love things that make my life and my life with diabetes easier. 

I also love stylish, sleek and pleasing to the eye things - And I love the opportunity to give my blog readers the opportunity to win something that's all of the above. :) 
Adorn Designs Elite Collection Clutch In Imperial Yellow Diabetes Supply Bag, out of
the box and in its original wrapping.
Dimensions:10 inches long, 6.5 inches deep & 5.1 inches thick.
Cotton Canvas - Machine washable and super easy to spot clean.
Just before the summer started, I was contacted by  Lee Ann from Adorn Designs, a Denver based company that manufactures “High-Style/Low-Profile” designer bags for PWDs to carry their diabetes supplies. Adorn Designs line includes; clutches, insulin/meter cases, messengers bags & handbags! 
LeeAnn wanted to know if I was interested in reviewing their product.
I was!
WHY? Because I like bags that are stylish, functional and keep me organized. 
And if that bag will do all of the above regarding my diabetes supplies, I like it even better! 
So I picked out a bag and used it daily. And by “used it daily,” I mean I traveled with it on a plane, in my car and on my person on a daily basis.

I chose a clutch from Adorn's Elite Collection in Imperial Yellow that retails  for $35.   
I LOVE the color yellow and love the idea of clutch, but I never carry a clutch because I can never find one that will fit all my D supplies!  
Adorn's Elite clutch was large and really sleek, not bulky. I could fit it in my carry-on, my computer bag or carry it alone as my clutch for the evening
I lOVED that the outside is water proof (and iced tea/coffee proof/ wine proof,) and that all I had to do was wipe off any spill or blood from the exterior with a damp paper towel. 
*A huge plus: I could view all my D supplies out without out actually taking them out of the bag and that feature really came in handy while sitting (and by sitting I mean CRAMMED) in my seat on flight to California this past October. 
I just reached into my bag for the clutch, put it on the tray table and opened it, grabbed what I needed and did what I had to do.  
Everything diabetes (and non D related) at a glance - And after being
spot cleaned! 
There’s lots zippered compartments for diabetes supplies in the clutch, but it also allowed me to have space non d items like my favorite lip gloss, a mirror and comb &  
a compartment where I could keep my money/receipts organized when I traveled. 

The clutch also fit easily into my beach cooler and I was able to put a frio in it, no problem! 
For weekend trips to friends in other states, the Adorns clutch was key. 
I put all my D supplies in that clutch and threw it in my black over night bag. The Imperial Yellow color made it easy to find in a black lined bag.  
Also: Regarding the interior. I did manage to have blood spatter drop pattern, that was CSI worthy while I was traveling. 
I waited a good month (I’d love to say I was SUPER BUSY, I kind of was, but I was also being really lazy,) before I put a little SHOUT on tooth brush, scrubbed and rinsed under cold water. It took all of 5 minutes to remove the spots and I wish all my laundry was that easy to clean.

Bottom line: I LOVE my Adorn Elite Clutch in Imperial Yellow - I really do! 
It’s functional and beautiful and id defies Murphy’s Law when it comes to diabetes and blood letting.
Also, I used it as actual clutch a few times (wish it had a wristlet so I could swing it around my wrist :and non PWDs were like: I LOVE YOUR BAG and I was like: THANKS, ME TOO! 
And it was wonderful to go out with smart looking clutch sans the worry of “where will I put all my diabetes crap!” 

Now for the giveaway part of this post: You guys have a chance to win an Adorn Clutch!

Here's How: Leave comment saying why like to win one. 

If You’re A Dude: No worries, you can choose from one these fine cases!

Who Can Enter: Anyone with diabetes or who loves someone with diabetes.

RULES: The Adorn winner will be announced on Monday morning, December 22nd, which means you have until Midnight Sunday the 21st to leave a comment. 
And please, if you leave a comment under “Anonymous” or under your Google+  account, make sure you leave your email address. If you win and I can’t contact you - The Adorn bag goes to someone else. 

Bonus: Even if you don't win, you can still get 15% off your Adorn Designs purchase by entering 15off at checkout - So you everybody wins!

All comments are approved before published. 
Winner chosen by
My Carry-On Bag at a glance. 


Tricia said...

I am always looking for bright (easy to find in a big purse or bag), fun (if we have to live with diabetes, we better be able to have some kind of fun with it), organizing case for my D supplies... this one is gorgeous! I'd love it for Christmas!

Angela said...

I love to have options in toting my D supplies!

Barb Wagstaff said...

Love this! What a fabulous, stylish and discrete way to carry your diabetes supplies. Makes me wish I was still carrying all of my son's stuff :)

Unknown said...

I got the first Adorn bag when I was first diagnosed and I know how great the products are. I love the new designs and I am tired of the same old black organizing cases. I'd love to have one!

Aliza said...

I'd love to have a cute way to carry all of my dGear! This is such a cute little clutch, and would make carrying supplies for a weekend away so easy, or having the needed supplies for a night out really easy too!

Unknown said...

I would LOVE to have this! I have been type 1 for 19 yrs, pumping since 05, and on a fixed income so I usually buy cheapy dollar store makeup bags to tote my stuff around in. This would be one awesome tote thatll really help keep my things organized and in place. Sooo many pockets and such to put all of my supplies! These are sooo neat! Thank you for sharing!

Angi Comer said...

I would ADORE this! None of my cosmetic bags or even previous diabetes bags will hold everything. And to top it off, these are super cute!

michelle said...

I would love a cute bag for all my d supplies!

Lindsay said...

I would LOVE to win a clutch. Since I bus to work everyday, my purse is HUGE as it holds lunch, diabetes supplies, my book, juice boxes, etc. It would be so nice to have a visible and organizable clutch to pull out of my black hole of a purse when I need my D supplies.

Stacey said...

I'd def need a guy one for his stuff is all over, and he never has what he needs... when he needs it !

Jennifer said...

I love all the pockets in this bag. I usually carry around a big purse with all my junk in it, but this looks like it would actually be a convenient option for all my diabetes and nondiabetes items.

Unknown said...

I'd love to win this for my sister so she has another option carry her d supplies. Her wedding is in March, and it would be good to have a nice clutch for her to carry!

Keri said...

I'd love this! Currently all my d-supplies get lost in my bag!

Lija said...

I would LOVE this for my daughter with diabetes. Her bags are either practical, but ugly, or cute, but hard to keep clean. One that is this cute and can be easily cleaned? Amazing!

Lizzie said...

I would love a cute bag to hold all my stuff for diabetes, asthma, and food allergies!

AD said...

I would love to win one of these for my son. He is small so I carry all his diabetes supplies but it all gets lost in my purse.

Moira said...

want! want! want! me me me

Unknown said...

I would really like one because I don't have a car to drive and take the bus every where. I always end up having at least 3 bags, my purse,work bag and d bag- when I say bag I litertly have another purse therfore having a hard time with carrying all my much needed diabetes supplies. If I had this clutch, I would not forget my VIP items,like I did the other day before leaving the house- I forgot my extra insulin and ran out. With this clutch it wouldn't allow for that. So if choosen I would be really greatful and it would cut my d-pag down in size and less likely to loose important things. I can be reached at (its my email at the office)

Cheryl said...

Nicole raises hand... "Me!"
Loves it :-)

Rachel said...

I'd love to win one because my current diabetes bag is not cutting it for all the stuff it needs to hold and still zip! And I love a good clutch. Would they fit things like a Dexcom receiver and/or OmniPod PDM?

Unknown said...

My 18yr old t1d would love love love this.. and I've found a gift for her on the site. . The cream chevron clutch ... very nice.

Unknown said...

I love this it's very stylish and functional I've been using the same bag for years it's time for an upgrade I think! Plus this is totally adorable

HVS said...

I'd like to win one because my current d-pouch looks like my worn out!(& in serious need of an upgrade)

Unknown said...

Although I'm a "dude" as you put it - this looks like a great PWD travel item. I drive a lot and this would make things a lot easier. As meters have gotten smaller I'm still using old meter pouches so I can stuff more of what I need in them. Not sure if my email will show up or not - so here it is:

Suz said...

Nothing makes me want to test my blood sugar more than having a cute bag! I've been dying to get one!

Jacqui Shehorn said...

So cute! And everything all in one place? Brilliant. I end up dragging a big tote everywhere because my stuff is in too many places. Love this!

Judi said...

It would be so great to have a bag where all the stuff you need to tote would fit strapped in and blood could be gotten out easily. Blood spots ruin more clothing and cases since it's so hard to get out.

Unknown said...

I would love one to stick in my diaper bag! sarashleybrandon at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

I would love to have one because I always buy tiny clutches for weddings, etc. and either have to overstuff them or forego half the makeup or other stuff I wanted to bring :)

Tarra said...

I would love to have one bag I currently use two separate ones. My goal for next year is too carry less stuff when possible. I currently go overboard with how much I take with me.