Thursday, January 29, 2015

Diabetesalicious-Lite: Diabetes Dark Ages, Alecia On The APP/AP, Fearless/Fearful, Positive D Visuals, CWD-FFL15 & #SpareARose

I’ve written about the Diabetes Dark Ages a lot on Diabetesaliciousness, because (and lucky me,) I was diagnosed just as that chapter of diabetes history was coming to a close  and diabetes technologies were coming into play - and my memories are vivid.  
I wrote a piece on the D Dark Ages over at SuiteD and I'd love it if you click HERE, check it out and let me know what you think~

Speaking of Diabetes Technology/technologies, t1 and SurfaceFine blogger, Alecia Wesner is featured in today’s NY Daily News, re; her "app-tastic' experience on the AP. 
Click HERE and read about our fearless and fantastical friend's experience! 
Also: I WANT.

Fearless and fearful, similar versions of the same root word, with very different meanings. We all find ourselves walking a fine line when it comes to being fearless and fearful in all aspects of our lives, including our lives with diabetes. 
And if we're lucky, we find ourselves a place to exist and flourish in the in-between of both words and worlds
Not being so fearless to the point of of being flipping crazy, and not being so fearful that we allow ourselves or others to be imprisoned by our fears.
After 37 years of living with diabetes, I've seen a hell of a lot and I've learned and continue to learn everyday. 
For me, the 24X7/365 requirements of my diabetes life include; continual education, (of myself and others,) the latest in diabetes technology, copious amounts of laughter, lots tenacity, acknowledging and then doing what I fear when required, while remembering to focus on the positive & help others in the process. 
Also, I require boatloads of hope and positive diabetes visuals - we all do! 

Re: positive diabetes visuals, take a look at Moira's positive & empowering post over at Despite Diabetes.   

Speaking of positive and empowering, here's a sneak peek at the initial and not yet complete/still fantastical work in progress, Adult Program for the 2015 Children With Diabetes- Friends For Life Conference! 
Sidebar: The Kids Program isn't up and running yet, but I guarantee it's sure to please!
Continue to watch for updates and details & see you in Florida! :) 

Lastly and also in the positive/empowering vein: The Super Bowl isn’t the only thing kicking off on February 1 - SpareARose also 'kicks-off' on Super Bowl Sunday and quite frankly, my bet's on #SpareARose for the win!  
11 roses are better than a dozen and for the cost of 1 rose (5 bucks) you're literally sparing a rose and saving a child. 5 dollars provides life saving insulin for a month to a child with diabetes in third world/developing country!  It's a sure bet on game day and it'sthe best money you'll spend on Valentine's Day.  

Order your "spared rose and or roses," here.

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