Monday, April 27, 2015

Facebook and Groupon - REALLY!?!?

Ahhhhhhh, FaceBook and their wonderful right-hand side target market advertising. 
While I was looking at my Diabetesaliciousness Facebook page, via my personal FB account over the weekend, the following ad from Groupon popped up on the right-hand side of my screen. 
Facebook, so you're telling me that I need to ensconce myself in bamboo and charcoal
slimming undergarments?!  
Second: What are you trying to tell me, Facebook? 
Just because my blog's name is Diabetesaliciousness and my personal page has a lot of status updates about diabetes - doesn't mean I'm over weight - And yes, as a woman of certain age I worry about my weight, but I think most people, regardless of their beta cell status or age, worry about weight. 
I'm not against slimming undergarments at all, but the continuous stream of right-hand target marketing ads consisting of "Drop weight, fast" and "Cure diabetes naturally," ads have got to go!
Also, according to Amazon - you have to have stick legs in order to get it past your thighs and the return policy for said bodysuit, blows
My legs are slim and strong- but so were many of the legs of the women who did the returning. 
But lets just say for shits and giggles that I do need to drop a if few LBs, YOU SUCK AT SUBTLETY. 
Third: Seriously, what the hell am I going to do with my insulin pump, tubing and the likes there of - and how the hell do I go to the bathroom in this contraption? 

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Rachel (Tenzing's human) said...

I have three questions. 1. Does the charcoal crotch act as a gas filter? 2. Does the floral trim on the legs contribute to the overall sexiness of this garment? 3. Why does the model look like she is doing the pee pee dance? Is her bamboo suit too tight?