Monday, April 13, 2015

Sometimes My Diabetes Game Face Gets All Sorts Of Saucy - And I'm Fine With That~

I always try and educate people about diabetes and advocate for people with diabetes whenever I have the chance - ALWAYS. 
But I'm only human -and every once in a while my Game Face gets saucy - and I'm fine with that. 
Spring has finally sprung and the weekend weather was in the mid 50’s, the sun was shinning, the air was fresh, and I was feeling all sorts of groovy. 
I texted a friend and we decided to meet up mid morning for a walk -and that's exactly what we did. 
After 45 minutes of low impact cardio, we stopped in front of a local coffee shop and ran into some people my friend knew. 
After introductions, we stood there talking outside the shop for a good 10 minutes - and when we saw an outdoor table emptying, we grabbed it. 
As the conversations continued, I nonchalantly removed the little black bag I always sling over my shoulder when I walk or ride my bike (it’s really small & just big enough to stash my phone; keys, glucose tabs, meters/strips,) and tested on what I thought was the sly. My meter flashed 97 and for a split second I felt like like a test strip ad. 
My head was letting me know that I REALLY needed an iced coffee with cream and sugar, and just as I was about to excuse myself and grab one, I heard someone say: Oh, you have diabetes? My sister-in-law has diabetes and she has it so bad that she has to wear one of those things on her waist to give her insulin.
Sidebar: My friend looked at me with her “ WTF” face combined with her "I'm so sorry face." I took a breath, put on my game face and flashed my friend and Sister Dip my dazzling smile and responded.

Me: Oh, you mean an insulin pump, like this - And I grabbed the Asante Snap insulin pump I’ve been trialing from my waist and held it in my hand. 

Sister Dip: Ohhhhhhh...., you wear one, too.
Then she turned red and said: Well you look really good.

FTR, I'd just walked 45 minutes against the wind, I looked like a wind blown hot mess.  

Me: Thanks, today I feel great. Look, wearing an insulin pump doesn’t mean you have diabetes "SO BAD.” It means that you’ve found a piece of diabetes technology that works for you and helps you manage your diabetes. Some people prefer to do that with injections and some people prefer to do it with a robotic pancreas clipped to their hip.

Sister Dip: No, she has it bad. She has to test her blood sugar like 7 times a day - sometimes more.  And she goes low or high sometimes for no reason at all. 
Yep, I took another deep breath before I responded.

Me: Yeah, me too - that’s life with diabetes. Lots of testing blood sugars, counting carbs, figuring things out and trying to roll with it when diabetes decides to flip out because it can. 

Sister Dip: But she has to wear that thing like 24 hours a day!!

Me: Yep, I know she does. That’s how it works. 
And I didn’t even go into explaining the whys of short acting insulin or the hows of long acting insulin or how you can do everything right , theoretically - and diabetes still can screw with you.  

Sister Dip: What do you do when you shower or swim? What do you do when you have sex!!!! 
Sidebar: The first part of the question she said in a low voice, but the second half of the question was dialed up to 11 and everyone sitting outside turned and looked at me. 
Also, did I mention that  I'd literally just met her? 
I have absolutely no problem discussing diabetes and sex, or sex for that matter - It's not what you say, it's how you say it. And Sister Dip was REALLY getting on my last nerve. 
Me: I take my pump off when I shower or swim and then I put it back on afterwards. 
As far as sex - that depends on my mood and sometimes it depends on the circumstances. But for the most part, sometimes I leave it on, sometimes I take it off.....What do you do when you have sex?? 

Sister Dip: I don’t wear a pump. 

Me: Oh, you should try it - It really spices things up!!! ;) 
And then she looked at me like I had three heads and I laughed a big belly laugh and grabbed my card from my bag.

Me: Give your sister -in-law my info, I'd love to connect with her. 
OK, I REALLY need an iced coffee, I'll be right back - you guys need anything?  

And then I went and grabbed my friend & I our iced coffees and when I came back, the discussion had changed to Game of Thrones. 
And I was glad. 
And I really felt bad for her sister-in-law. 


Richard's Rambling Review said...

Kelly, you handled that perfectly!! Too many PWD's get angry, and lose their cool. I'm proud of you for educating in a very appropriate manner. :)

Richard's Rambling Review said...

Kelly, you handled that perfectly!! Too many PWD's get angry, and lose their cool. I'm proud of you for educating in a very appropriate manner. :)

DoubleHubble said...

Ignorance can be so trying some days. I love how you handled this though, especially "what do you do when you have sex" part. Love it

Unknown said...

I don't thjnk I could ever keep my cool as well as you! I either roll my eyes or go into a way-too-long tmi rant (I'm trying I swear ;)

Unknown said...

Nailed it.

shannon said...

I freakin love it