Sunday, July 5, 2015

Life Lessons & Saying Goodbye

The past couple months have taught and reminded me of some incredibly valuable 
life lessons. 
1. If you have uncles/aunts that you love and cherish - spend time with them and be there for them, just like they've always been there for you. 
Your uncles and aunts are your connections to your parents; your family, your history, and your heart. 
Like your parents, they will love you fiercely and protectively - and they will see the best in you, even in those moments you can't see the best yourself. 
Because uncles and aunts always see the best parts of themselves in you. 
And in return, you will see the best parts of yourself in them - and those similarities will surprise you, make you smile, and make you proud. 
Those similarities/idiosyncrasies will inspire you and make you want to do better in all dimensions.  
Here's the thing: We always thinks that we'll have more time with our loved ones -and that "next time," is a given. But things change in an instant - MAKE THE TIME and make every moment count. Make time for dinners, for talking, listening, and learning from those you love. 
2. Sidebar: When you download the StoryCorps phone app, use it to record your loved ones stories immediately. 
Seriously, don't wait until "next time," because next time is never a guarantee and every time you look at the unused app it will make you sad.
3. Say I love you tho those you love and say it often - because you never know when it's the last time you'll get to say it - or the last time they get to say it to you. 
4. Be there in the moment when you are with the people you love - PUT DOWN YOUR DAMN PHONE and be present - take it off the table when you go to dinner and talk with one another - relish the conversation - because one day memories will be all you have.
5. Cherish those you love and who love you.
6. If you have the chance to say goodbye, ALWAYS take it - and end your conversation with "I love you," no matter what, because some goodbyes end up being forever, but LOVE is never ending. 

I love you Uncle Bob - And I'm so grateful for the time we had together. 
Thank you for always being there for me and our entire family. 

Thank you for always making me smile and laugh and thank you for seeing the best in me, even when I didn't necessarily see it in myself. 
Thank-you for always looking out for me,; for being an excellent dinner date, and for being my partner in crime - I will miss our capers and our talks.
I will miss your jokes and I'll miss seeing you smile every time I call you, Handsome~ 
I'll miss hearing your stories; seeing your smile, hearing your voice and holding your hand. 
Thank you for being my friend, Uncle Bob - And for allowing me to be yours. 

And thank-you for being there for me before and especially after, my parents died - 
I don't know what I would have done without you - especially these last 4 years.
I wish our family had one more Summer, Fall, Winter, & Spring to spend with you.
But I know you're with your wife; your son, your parents, your sisters and brothers, my parents and my sister - And that brings me great`comfort. 

Uncle, you are in my heart and I will love you, always. 

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