Monday, November 2, 2015

Diabetes Is A Kaleidoscope of D Types, In Every Shade of Blue On The Pantone Chart~

Because sometimes a free-write based on my Facebook status turns into blog post. 
Pantone pic courtesy of Pinterest~
Diabetes Awareness Month, day 2.
Diabetes, no matter the type, is incredibly difficult. 
Diabetes is also demanding, never ending, and nine times out of ten, diabetes is misconstrued by those who know nothing about it.
Diabetes is a fickle bitch, an unwanted and constant companion in the lives of people who live with diabetes on a daily basis. 
Diabetes can make you cry, and does so at the drop of a hat.
And diabetes will make you laugh, because laughing at diabetes is sometimes the only way to prevent yourself from going certifiably nuts because of diabetes.

There are days when diabetes is the background, and there are days when it seems as if diabetes is front and center - stealing the spotlight from the business of being. 

Diabetes has taken away people I love and I miss them terribly.
Diabetes has introduced me to a community of people with diabetes who have enriched my world in more ways than I can count - and I love my tribe.

Diabetes has forced me to be resilient, even when I don’t want to be.
Diabetes has given me patience because waiting for a high or low blood sugar to subside, has the ability to make you stop, forcing you to wait when waiting is the last thing you feel like doing. 

Diabetes is a kaleidoscope of D types, in every shade of blue on the Pantone Chart. 
Diabetes is the unwanted and uninvited guest at the party called my life, who has refused to leave my side for the past 38 years. 

But diabetes hasn’t stopped me from celebrating, regardless of who’s on guest list. 

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