Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Diabetes Annoyance #993,599 & Considering Myself A Lucky Duck~

Because even though it was incredibly annoying, I'd discovered the issue while it was still only an inconvenience and before it turned into a major problem. 
And every now and then, I think we need to remind ourselves that diabetes annoyances and inconveniences are just that - and be thankful that they didn't turn into the huge problem they had the potential to become~ 
My blood sugar was 278 post meal and right before bed last night, which was really strange because I'd eaten salmon, veggies and a bit of sweet potato for dinner, and that meal usually has the opposite effect on me. 
 So I grabbed my trusty pump to do a correction bolus, but decided to take a peak at my less than 3 hours old infusion site, first...  and I’m so glad I did. 
Because when I lifted up my shirt and looked down, I saw purplish skin peaking through the clear plastic window part - and I was not amused. A lump had formed under the skin of the new site and I knew what had to be done.
11 pm, a second sight change before bed (not optimal, but necessary,) a waste of a precious resources including; abdomen real estate, a pricy infusion set, and insulin, and all I wanted to do was go to bed. 
I pulled out the site and of course it started bleeding a bloody trail, because why wouldn’t it?  
I cleaned up, scrubbed the blood off my fluffy, warm sweatshirt and changed my site, did a correction bolus and then decided to be useful. In the grand scheme of things, I knew it could have been so much worse - the past week had been a reminder of that. 

For the next 15 minutes, I transferred the clothes from my bedroom hamper into the washing machine - one less step for tomorrow nights laundry. Put away the clean dishes that had been drying in the dish rack and cleaned my kitchen sink so it was all nice and shiny, then prepped the coffeemaker with the next morning’s coffee and water. 
All I would need to do when I woke up was turn it on. 
I set the alarm clock on my phone and plugged it in for a charge, then grabbed the copy of  “The Goldfinch,” from my desk, sat in bed and finally cracked open.
26 minutes later and deep into what I think is going to be a very great book, I checked my blood sugar. 215 flashed on my glucose meter - things were going in the right direction and crisis averted, I was tired and ready to go to sleep and now I could.
Plus I finally had a chance to start "The Goldfinch." WINNING.  
And lucky for me, I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.
This morning went off without a hitch, except for the 19 degree temperature and howling winds - and I am a lucky duck, indeed~ 

Oh, and speaking of lucky ducks - tomorrow there's a giveaway on the blog ;)  


Unknown said...

My daughter and her American Girl doll are I inseperable! She would love to have her doll carry a similar T1D as she does. She was crazy excited that AG finally came up with one. Please pick us!! It would be a fabulous surprise for her!

Anonymous said...

What kind of set do you use that lets you see the skin underneath? I'm new to pumping and using the Minimed Quickset right now. I'm not sure I'd be able to see if anything was wrong.