Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Orange Glucose Tabs

For some reason when it comes to Orange Glucose Tabs - I'm just not that into them. Nope, I’m more of a Cherry, Mixed Berries or Tropical Fruit glucose tab, kind of gal. 
FTR, I’ve never actually tried Grape or Green Apple flavored glucose tabs, but I think I could deal with the Green Apple. 
With that being said, I have two opened bottles of Orange Glucose Tabs (one in my car and one on my nightstand,)  and I'm not about to waste them. 
The other day before I left the the parking garage, I did what I always do before driving, and checked my blood sugar. I was 93  - with 1.10 units of active insulin. 
So I did what I had to do and ate 4 glucose tabs immediately, washed them down with 1/2 a 20 ounce sports bottle filled with water, thought happy thoughts and stuck the key in my ignition. 
An hour and a half later I pulled into my driveway with a blood sugar of 140 - and all was right in my world.
In the past, I’ve treated my lows with things that I have truly detested, because that’s all I had on hand. I’ve treated with spoonfuls of both pure molasses and rice syrup - fine for cooking, gross IMO, for eating raw. 
I’ve forced disgusting jelly filled cardboard cookies down my throat,  because at the time I was dropping fast and they were right in front of me at the dessert table. 
And once back in college when my friend and I visited her grandmother, I treated a low blood sugar with prune juice, because that’s the only juice that was in the fridge at the time. 
That was.... interesting. 

In the grand scheme of things, Orange Glucose Tabs are not a problem or a deal breaker. They are a solution to a potential low blood sugar or treating an actual low blood sugar - and I am a lucky duck, indeed. 

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Richard's Rambling Review said...

All T1D's are different. Orange glucose tabs are my favorite, but I actually prefer jellybeans. lol