Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Diabetes: 3 Nights Of Bitch Lows In A Row

Because when multiple nights of middle of the night Blood sugar bitch lows happen - 
and I am reminded once again that diabetes is indeed a fickle bitch and being prepared isn't just for boy scouts. 
There were three nights in a row last week when severe lows had me sleeping with, and drinking from a 48 ounce bottle of Apple and Eve’s Apple juice by my bed.
I was out of juice boxes and after stumbling to the kitchen the first night, I improvised and made sure I was prepared. 
3 nights of sweat stained sheets sans the kind of fun I would prefer when it comes to sweating between the sheets. 
3 nights of thinking WTF. 
Three nights of doing my best to breathe deep, and remain calm. 
3 nights of consistently lowering temp basal rates.
1 night of thinking that my blood sugar might not actually ever come up.
3 morning where morning came to quickly and not quick enough and all rolled into one.
3 mornings where coffee was key. 
1 morning of waking up with a crazy high rebound, 2 mornings of waking up to textbook blood sugars and being surprised.
2 mornings waking with the meter next to my head.
1 morning of looking down and seeing my meter sticking out from under my bed.

On the fourth night everything was fine and the crazy lows left.
Still, I slept with a bottle juice by my bed for the rest of the week - because it made me feel better. 
3 nights of lows in a row doesn’t happen to me often, but when it does... it does... and reminds me that I always have to make sure I'm covered. 
There’s the less than pleasant bottle of orange glucose tabs in my driver side car door holder (I don’t know the technical motor-head name for it, but I’m calling it a car door holder,) that stays there in case I run out of my preferred Tropical Fruit, glucose stash I keep in my second car cup holder. 
There are those moments when I see movie size SweeTarts or Mike&Ike's on sale and buy them - hoping that I won’t need them to treat a low, but always relieved when I find them in the pantry during one. 
My suitcase always has a ziplock back filled with 3 infusion sets and 3 reservoirs, and my travel toiletry case always has an extra box of test strips and lancets - just in case something happens to my carry-on traveling pharmacy of diabetes supplies. 

I make sure I know where the gift shop and vending machines are in every hotel I stay in - and I boy a bottle juice for my the night stand in my hotel room - just in case. 

Same goes for always carrying a spare infusion set and KIND bar in my handbag  - because you never know. 

We make adaptions to our world when it comes to living with diabetes and being prepared.
Being prepared helps us to be independent, it it seems like it’s second nature and it makes us feel safe - until a crazy low (or a stubborn high,) leaves us sweating and scared. 
Waiting those 15 minutes for 15 carbs to kick in seems like the longest 15 minutes in the world because they are. 
But we do it - and we keep plowing through life and we get back up after the lows and the highs because we are resilient.   

We take the Boy’s Scouts motto to heart and make it our own - and we do our best to be prepared - and we keep praying that we will continue to get back on and plow through. 

Tonight I'll buy a couple of 48 ounce bottles of juice, a pack of juice-boxes, and a couple of bottles of glucose tabs, because I’m going away on Thursday and won’t be back until Sunday and don’t want to come home to a fridge without juice, a pantry with out juice-boxes, and a nightstand or carry-on sans glucose tabs. 

What about you? 

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Susan said...

Leave those behind in a hurry! 3 nights in a row are too many! I never went for the juice box solution, maybe because I was raised with apple juice cans in the glovebox. Ever drink from those little pull tab Motts cans after it's been sitting in a hot car for a few days? Ewwww!!! Rather I have some glasses that measure out at 8 ounces and I fill them half full (or as close as shaking hands allow) with OJ.
Anywho - Keep on keeping on as they say!