Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Diabetes, Weekend Trips - And Playing The Role of House Guest ~

You know those "perfectly put together" women you see at airports or on the train? 
You know the ones - matching everything; hair coiffed so perfectly that they most have gone for a blowout before they went to the airport/train station, strutting around in 4 inch high heels like they were comfy slippers, while pulling an a perfect little compact travel bag with wheels behind them. 
These women normally top off their look by wearing sunglasses, a ridiculously small handbag slung over their shoulder, and a smug expression.

Of course you do. 
For the record, that's not me and 20 bucks says they don't have diabetes - and if they do, someone else is in charge of carrying their D-Stash.

I attended The March for Health - NYC,  over the weekend (post to follow very soon,) and arrived at Penn Station on Friday night with my "it's time to get a new carry-on suitcase with wheels," and my fuchsia pink knapsack containing not only my phone, wallet, and phone charger because diabetes, but my personal D pharmacy to boot.
Yep, my fuchsia  knapsack was filled with with extra infusions sets; needles, insulin, my meter, test strips/ backup test strips, a spare pump battery, 2 juice-boxes, 3 Kind bars, and 1 bottle of Tropical Fruit flavored glucose tabs. 

Not to mention a wind-up ticking clock to help my friends train their new puppy.
But.... I digress. 

I love visiting friends around the globe and in my own backyard, so when my travel involves staying over, I come prepared. 
When playing the role of house guest, I never want to impose or for my busted pancreas status to be the cause of worry for my hosts - I make sure that I have everything I need, including juice-boxes and glucose tabs on my person/next to my guest bed stand.

Bottom Line: I don’t want my diabetes to be a burden to others, nor do I don’t want to feel like one. 

Since I was diagnosed back in “77,” I’ve been cognizant of how others perceived my diabetes. I remember my mom discussing snack options and the likes there of, for after school play dates and sleepovers with my friends parents.
Some parents were great, some parents, not so much, and some, not at all - and those reactions stick with you as kid with diabetes - and as an adult. 

And it’s those reactions (and being my mother’s daughter,) that have turned me into a self sufficient house guest re: my diabetes... and an over-zealous packer. 
Sidebar: Kunik women require shoe options. 

And as much as l long to be one of those stylish weekend travellers who look like they've stepped off the pages of Town & Country and who can fit EVERYTHING, (diabetes and shoe option wise,) into one smart little travel bag with wheels - and with Audrey Hepburn flare, it’s never going to happen - and that's OK. 
Because not having those things will will never stop me from traveling -and neither will my busted pancreas!

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Rick Phillips said...

Dam, I agree with you. When I travel I look like I am a pack mule on a lifetime journey going thru airports. For years my professional traveling partners would say dam Phillips lets pack for one trip not 6. Yeah well no one ever needed to go find me insulin in the middle of the night in Washington either.

Oh and heck, I went out to do that myself. As you likely know I am a man of self-reliance.