Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Life Insurance - Another Diabetes Choice - John Hancock Vitality Program

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I want and require options in my life ... and life with diabetes. 
Healthcare Options for PWD (people with diabetes) and the ability to choose among them, are critical for our physical; mental, Dtech, and fiscal well-being. 
We need more options and we demand more choices. 

When an option comes across my desk that I believe will give people with diabetes an additional choice, I want to know more.  

A few weeks ago, John Hancock reached out to me (and some others in the Diabetes Online Community, like A Sweet Life and Diabetes Daily, to talk about John Hancock Life Insurance with Vitality, and their recent survey* around people with diabetes and  life insurance.

The survey found almost 50% of PWD surveyed worry that they won’t qualify for a life insurance policy - and 45% thought life insurance with diabetes would be too expensive. 

In the past 18 months, 90% of people living with diabetes and looking for life insurance qualified for life insurance from John Hancock, with 88% reporting that they received standard or better rates.**

60% felt the John Hancock Vitality program could provide them with the extra support they needed/wanted in managing their diabetes.

I liked those stats. 

John Hancock Vitality life insurance rewards policyholders for the smarter choices they make every day to improve their health – exercising regularly, eating well and getting annual check-ups. Through the John Hancock Vitality program, policyholders can earn rewards and savings up to 15% on their annual life insurance premium. The Vitality Program is over 2 years old and thousands of customers are participating and pursuing healthier lives. 

So, when John Hancock asked to me to partner with them, I did some research and then said yes. Here’s why.

I like the options and incentives that John Hancock Life Insurance with Vitality offers people with t1, LADA, and Type 2 diabetes for doing things that our healthcare team continually ask, tell, demand of us.

Things like working out on a regular basis; eating healthy, getting a flu shot and visiting our healthcare team. 
I also like that the Vitality Program recognizes and rewards all the little changes that equal big ones.

Speaking of... I really like the rewards:   

*Choice of an Apple Watch for $25 (plus tax,) by exercising regularly.
*Or a complimentary Fitbit

*Up to $600 in annual savings on healthy food purchases from 70 national grocery store chains when you buy veggies, fruits, grains - healthy stuff like that. 
* Up to a 15% percent discount on your life insurance premium, annually.
*Discounts from national retailers – including Amazon, Hyatt, iTunes, REI, Royal Caribbean International. 

While, I did have concerns about personal info, as in who was looking and whether my info was safe, I was assured that: 

John Hancock is committed to protecting policyholders’ personal information and it will only be used in order to conduct business and administer the program and as permitted or required by law. They do not sell information or share health data with third parties for their marketing purposes. They’ve been protecting customers’ data for over 150 years, and understand the seriousness of that responsibility.

Bottom line: John Hancock Vitality Rewards Life Insurance is an option for you to explore if you live with diabetes. 
So, check it out and see if it’s an option that works for you!

To learn more about John Hancock Vitality and the rewards the program offers for living healthy, head to  JHRewardsLife.com. You can also tweet them at @JohnHancockUSA, #RewardingLife

This is the part where I talk about transparency and full disclosure: 
I am partnering with John Hancock (as in: I received compensation in exchange for writing this post) on a project promoting their Vitality Program. 

If I didn’t support the program and all the benefits it offers people living with diabetes, 
I wouldn’t have agreed to work with them. I’ve spent 10 years writing my blog, 4 decades living with and advocating for diabetes. As always, Diabetesaliciousness is mine - as are my thoughts and opinions. 
 *Source: Qualtrics survey on behalf of John Hancock, completed Sept. 2017.
**Source: John Hancock

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Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

When I was first diagnosed my mom took out a life insurance plan from Sentry, and just this year after many mergers and acquisitions (hello, #WorkingGirl) I was told all policies like mine would be discontinued :( I've always had some kind of plan through work, but at times it's good to have something in your back pocket. Will have to check out JH. Thanks for this timely post!