Thursday, February 14, 2019

Spare A Rose, Save A Child

I've been MIA in the DOC since mid January. I'm back. 
Click HERE to spare a rose, save a child. 
It's Valentine's Day and I have no doubt many are still scrambling for gifts. 
Instead of buying 12 roses, (or cookies 😉,) for someone you love, Spare a Rose, Save a Child, buy 11 roses (or cookies, or whatever,) and donate the cost of one rose ($5) to help deliver life-sustaining insulin and supplies to children who are in desperate need of insulin 
in under-developed countries. 
Over 140k has been raised since #sparearose began in 2013 - hopefully this year that number will be over $180,000. 
And if you don't have a Valentine, no worries - donate in honor of someone you've never met, but who will be thankful for your gift and impact your heart and soul in the process~

If you're able to #SpareARose and donate, please do.