Monday, January 28, 2008

Nearly 2 Million from 1 State...Not To Shabby

2 million dollars - That's a lot of cash.

To put it into perspective:

2 million dollars would buy approximately 30,300 bottles of short acting insulin at the no insurance cost of $66 per bottle.

2 million dollars would buy 333 insulin pumps, assuming that the median cost of a pump is $6000.

2 million would buy 1,111 MAC BOOK Airs

2 million dollars is the cost of approximately 100,000 parking tickets for expired meter parking from the City of Philadelphia's Parking Authority. The cost of an expired meter ticket is approximately $20.00

2 million dollars is the amount of money that the Philadelphia/Bucks County Chapter of the JDRF expects to raise from their WALK TO CURE DIABETES.

Yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to speak in front of, and be inspired by those teams who raised 1000.00 dollars or more.

I was in awe of these families. Not only did they "walk the walk," but they knocked on doors,; sent out letters, approached their employers for matching corporate funds,reached out to members of their communities and places of worship, recruited their children's teachers and classmates, not to mention family and friends. Those efforts payed off BIG TIME .

87% of those dollars go directly towards funding research for a cure.

The Top Fundraising family in Eastern PA, also happened to be the top fundraising team in the Nation. Sydney's SuperSTARS brought in over $400,000 dollars in donations and a team of 150 people.

When I spoke with Sydney after the event, she told me her classmates were already saving penny's for next years walk. This Kid is going to give Steve Jobs & Donald trump a run for their money. OUTSTANDING !!!!

The kids I met were confident, active, stylish, beautiful, energetic and funny. The picture of health -Your typical kids with a not so typical disease.

Not only do they OWN their diabetes, but they decided to actively pursue the cost of a cure.
The results were phenomenal.

It was an awesome day and I'm so glad I was able to be a part of it!


Chris said...

That sounds like it was a very inspirational day. Sydney is someone to be modeled after.

k2 said...

Chris -
Sydney and the rest of those kids are Rock Stars!!!!
Thanks for your comments!
Kelly K

Cara said...

Oh my. I am a complete idiot. I didn't realize that you were from Philly. I was there on Sunday. I went to visit a friend in D.C. and we drove up for the day so I could see the Liberty Bell. I'd never been before. Had a GREAT cheesesteak at Jim's Steaks also.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Very awesome!