Wednesday, November 11, 2009

#StopDiabetes: because I'm sick of being an Insulin Whore~

Actual Aerial footage of my supply-when it was full~

#StopDiabetes, because I’m sick of being an Insulin Whore.

The American Diabetes Association is running the hashtag #stopdiabetes & contest and last night I wrote the above tweet- and some others.

It's addicting and fun to come up and see others have come up on why we need to #stopdiabetes.

Some of the reasons are obvious, and some are not.

OK, honestly, I don’t turn tricks for insulin (or anything else for that matter,) but I do pay Boku Bucks for my supply and I absolutely need it on a daily/hourly basis. Unfortunately like all of us, I cannot live without my insulin fix.

The cost of my insulin keeps me up at night.

I set the Charm Dial to 11 whenever I’m at my Endo’s office. I dazzle him with good numbers and a decent a1c for several reasons.

A. I want and need good numbers

B. He likes good numbers and it makes him smile when his patient has them

C. There’s always a chance my Dr. might have insulin samples and if he’s in a great mood, how could he possibly say say "NO" to my request for some?

Bottom line- I’m tired of being Insulin Whore- I’d much rather be in a band called Insulin Whores, then actual real life Insulin Whore.

But for now, the Insulin Whoredom continues until there’s a cure.

Stay tuned on Tour Dates for the band, (The) Insulin Whores. You'll absolutely recognize the members- I’m working on a post about them and their magical abilities.

FYI, we’d prefer that you toss unopened chilled in the fridge bottles of insulin on stage, packed in a cooler of dry ice instead of your undies!

Why? Because we're hard core- and the cost of our addiction is expensive and necessary.


Rachel said...

it's so funny but it's not.

Crystal said...

What she ^^ said.

Can I be a Groupie though?

k2 said...

I know. But finding the humor prevents me from crying.

George said...

I am tired of crying so laughing is my only other option. Until the band is ready. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for letting me be a groupie too!

make sure everyone puts padding around the insulin vials, you don't want them to break on stage :)

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Can I be in charge of the fan club?!? ;-)

Casey said...

Well put :) I would like to be one of the dancers. I got no musical abilities and could use the extra activity :)

Unknown said...

I've been saying if we HAVE to have this diabetes crap, at least give us a break on the meddi-go-round.

Insurance loops and hoops aren't what keeps us fit, OK, maybe mentally they do... but it's not "normal" no matter what others tell you.

I'll try to getcha some bookings in L.A., we could use the talent :-D

Scott S said...

Here's to all of us insulin whores!!

phonelady said...

here to all of us insulin whores .and I am so right there with you girl Im done .

Meri said...

Can I throw test strips? I barely have enough insulin to get me to the end of the month as it is. I have no "Stash" and that scares me to death. Our Endo is going to get a long speech today on why my boys need a TON more insulin every month.

So test strips...OK? Or needles...but ouch...

Cherise said...

K2- is that nail polish with your insulin? I've never seen nail polish in the icebox before. I love the term insulin whore! It's funny and true.

Cherise said...


Nail Polish in the icebox? lol

Unknown said...

After a low of 52 this am, I do believe that I am a sub to the diabetes dom. Not a great attitude, and not a great state of mind; I hate pain.

k2 said...

I have to laugh-or else i'll cry!
And yes, you can be a groupie- and you can design our posters !

Love your thinking! Can't wait to rock out with you!

Groupie no problem! And great idea re: the padding !

Done and done!

Casey- Get ready to shake your groove thing!

Agreed! Start scouting clubs!

Rock the Insulin Whore angle!

Rock On!

How does Test Strip Trampolinas sound to you!

Yes that is indeed nailpolish, the fridge keeps it from getting all clumped. In the summer I add perfume to the butter compartment- cause it gives me a cool, fresh feeling!

I'm sorry to hear that! Hang in there!
No pleasure/pain when it comes to diabetes!

Lora said...

Almost every year I go to Riot Fest in Chicago, a punk rock festival. The Insulin Whores name would fit right in on the marquee. Groupie me in for sure. Love your sense of humor, as always.

P.S. OPI is awesome.