Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Photo created and courtesy of Jaime Hernandez

Dearest Friends:

It’s been so hard (and it’s taken me way to long) for me to put my thanks into words and I’m not really sure why.

Maybe it’s because the past 3 weeks have been a shit storm of crap in every sense of the term.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been working so hard to wrap my head around what’s happened and play catch up with my life.

Or maybe it’s because whenever I think of how everyone in the DOC has been there for me, I’m literally rendered SPEECHLESS.

Never have I felt more love and protected than I have this past month. When something bad happens to you, you learn what really matters in life.

You learn how strong you are and what real strength is.

You learn that God/Buddha/The Force (or what ever you believe in) has provided you with a magical bullshit filter that only allows you to focus on what and who is really important.

And you learn the meaning of what a true friend really is.

Every single one of you in the DOC is a true friend and for that, I am truly “the richest man in Bedford Falls.” Wait a sec; I’m not George Bailey! But I do indeed have a wonderful life and fantastic friends.

And lets face it, the DOC coming to bat for yours truly has caused so many freaking bells to ring this past month that all second class angels have now sprouted wings. GREAT BIG ONES!

Big shout outs of thanks and love to every single one of you out there in the Diabetes universe!

But I’d be remiss (WOW and sidebar, because I’ve never actually used that word in my blog before) if I didn’t mention a few friends by name.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I know I’m forgetting some people and I will say I’m sorry in advance:

Scotty J- Thanks for talking/emailing/calling when everything hit the fan! YOU ROCK!

Crystal: Thanks for your continued positive IM's and creation of my tiara and sparkly eye patch avatar.

Lora: Thanks for getting the whole “One Eyed Willie” thing started, for continually making me laugh, and for always making me smile.

Jamie H: Thanks for making me laugh and providing other folks on twitter with avatar eye patches and for putting together such a wonderful pirate collage!

For the army of pirates out in the twitterverse- you know who you are – and what you are is a FABULOUS crew!

Kerri: Your flowers and emails brightened my day more than you will ever know-THANK-YOU.

George: Baconator General, thanks for being there! Talking to you on Friday morning made taking the tests so much easier! You are my friend and I love you.

To The Brothers Bacon, George and Scott: Thanks for sending me the gift of bacon in the form of a pillow – and brightening up my day in the process!

Elizabeth Arnold: Your continued DM's made me stronger and your own strength helped me latch on to mine-THANK-YOU!

Stacey Divone: You are not only a real life CRUMBS Cupcake Fairy, but also a top-drawer friend to boot! Soon we shall dine on CRUMBS in IRL!

Ellen & Melinda: I am so grateful for Twitter, because without it, we never would have become friends!

Dave Nevins: Your emails were filled with positive vibes and pep, and pirate flags-I appreciate them more then words can say!

Babs,FCAnna, Sajabla,Rpederse,Heureste- THANKS for the advice and the laughter!

To the Kellys cubed: Thxs for making me laugh!

Karen: Knowing that your there means the world to me!

Cherise: Your prayers and awesome attitude never cease to amaze me!

Rachel: You and I both deserve a vacay sista!

Scott S: You make me laugh and I love your honesty!

@SamoliPirates for following & saying to me : "Aye, is a pleasure to follow your fine pirate booty!" That just made my day in more ways than one!

Leeann: We are doing lunch VERY soon!

Hannah: For just being you!

Cara and Casey: Thanks for your continued good wishes & prayers!

Manny: For making me smile and bringing lots of love and positive vibes my way!

For every single Parent in the DOC who emailed me or commented via the blog. You guys continue to teach and amaze me every damn day! Your kind words and positive vibes made me strong.

And special thanks go out to any and all I’ve failed to mention by name.

I’m grateful and filled with gratitude for everything you all have given me- and I'm a better woman for having received your gifts of love and compassion.

Thank you from the bottom of my imperfect pancreas!!


Kelly K

PS Below are pictures of some fine Pirate Booty sent from the likes of Stacey Divone, Kerri Marone Sparling, and George and Scott, my "Brothers in Bacon!"

CRUMBS Cupcakes Courtesy of Stacey Divone

Sunny Gerber Daisies Courtesy of Kerri, Chris, & Baby Sparl

Bacon Pillow Courtesy of my "Brothers in Bacon" George "Ninjabetic" Simmons and Scottie K Johnson!


Rachel said...

Thank YOU for being there for me and for showing me that although there's suckage, there's can still be joy in life. A long December indeed.

babscampbell said...

You're taking the time to thank all of us, and we should be thanking you. You've faced this new challenge with grace and a positive attitude and modeled courage for us all. I'm proud to call ya Matey!
Being new to this community, I was amazed to see how everyone jumped into action, patching eyes, learning pirate-speak and praying like crazy for you. Again, I'm so proud to be part of such an amazing group of people!
Hugs to you K2!

Scott S said...

Thanks for showing us all that everyone can still smile and laugh in spite of the crap that life dishes out!

George said...

I hope when you hug that yummy strip of bacon that you feel like you are getting a big hug from us. We love you HEAPS. Like mountains and piles of bacon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen said...

Oh honey, thank YOU for sharing with us and letting us in. Thank you for showing us what true courage is. Thank you for just being you!!!! And I've got a little something that will be on it's way to you soon too. :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh K2, you are SO welcome. I wish I could have done more than just be a voice on the line. Truth be told - I felt so damn helpless when you called and told me the diagnosis. I tried my damndest to put up a strong front, but I didn't know what to do.

I love you HEAPS (ditto'ing G-Money) sister. And yeah, a huge imaginary hug from us when you're enjoying that bacon pillow. :-)

Casey said...

you are amazing.... teaching us how to handle the crap in life without missing out on the good. ROLE MODEL.

more prayers, hugs and support ;)

Jaimie said...

You're amazing!!... and I learn something new from you every time you post...Your spirit & attitude towards life touches all of us...love ya!

Stacey D. said...

Kelly, it was only small things that we did for you in hopes that it would brighten the dark moments you had. It was what we could to show our care for you and I know I'm glad to know that it touched you. Those cupcakes looked scrumptous and hope you enjoyed every last "crumb" :)
We are always here for you and I too, look forward to meeting you in person!!

Cherise said...


I would like to Thank you for being you! Thank you for making me laugh, smile and cry! Thank you for all of those things...your personality is so darn contaigous (sp) how could we not support you?!? Girl you are amazing! So, thank you for thanking me but I would like to thank you even more

Melinda said...

Thanks for being you. You are an amazing inspiration to all of us : ) Through you I know that my son is going to be a fine adult with diabetes with courage, strength and humor too.



FatCatAnna meow :) said...

Hey Kelly - we are all in for the roller coaster ride of our lives with diabetes. We feel for what each other goes thru', even if we've never faced it ourselves, we just feel it. Sometimes I think being a diabetic has made me a better person (tho' not so great when I'm having a hypo fit - bing, bang, slam), but you get my drift!
So, my virtual eye patch is presently over my eye in honour of what you are going thru' - again - you are more then welcome to crew on our sailboat - the Fat Cat - whenever you are north of the border (and provided it is not winter - as the boat has difficulties sailing thru' the ice).

Crystal said...

Thank you, for You. Every day. Thank you. You make Us stronger, Kelly. I am so grateful, so thankful, so appreciative of being a part of your life. You are an amazing person, Awesome friend. I love you dearly.

A thousand hugs, a thousand more....