Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hi, High!

Hi, High Blood Sugars:

How are you?

I’m fine, except for the fact that you’ve been shadowing me since the weekend thanks to a sinus/ ear infection.

While I appreciate the fact that you find me stunning and fascinating – which, I am (for the most part) I’m over you!


I’m popping the antibiotics and surrendered to the temporary bolus, so you need to leave!

I don’t like the slug like feelings that accompany you, the racehorse pee fests, or the extreme thirst.

I don’t like going through an insane amount of test strips and correction boluses in order to keep you in check.

So listen up, here’s the deal.

The temporary bolus has now been maxed out to 24 hours instead of the 10 I did yesterday and you have already started your descent towards normal.

I’m going on with my day, and plan to accomplish many things.

And if I see that your starting heading in the direction of the Mount Fuji’s summit, I’ll kick you back down to sea level ASAP and leave you for shark chum - because that's how I roll~

Glad we had this talk.

Kelly K


Katie from SF said...

You tell it, girlfriend! Ditto.

FatCatAnna said...

I've been really lucky lately with being on antibiotics / PMS that my BG's have stayed "normal" - which kinda miffs me abit. Sometimes I really wonder about this Stalker we all seem to have - but then - ahhh - just kick them where the sun don't shine - and then just try to do the best we can without pulling out too much hair (I don't look good as a Kojak - tho' the lolly pop would be me). Hang in there my friend!

Penny said...

You go girl!

George said...

I hope things get back in line soon. Stupid Diabetes.


Renata said...

You crack me up.

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

I roll similarly. Ready for 'em too. Glad the temp basal worked earlier for you.

Kaitake said...

To Kelly's High Blood Sugars: Look out! She means business! I'd do what she says! :P

claire said...

I needed this today!! thanks for writing a perfect and funny summation of what we deal with !