Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Et Tu, CVS?" I Can't Believe Your Hocking The Diabetes Bible Cure Crapulance! Give Us A Break - And Some Respect!!!

"Et Tu CVS?"

"Et Tu, CVS?"

Your carrying this piece of crap Diabetes Bible Cure book I wrote about yesterday and taking money from your diabetic customers?? How could you?

Side Bar: Yesterdays post received a tremendous amount of responses for the the DOC - thanks guys!!

Ok, I have to admit, I thought seeing that book at ShopRite pharmacy was a fluke. I needed to see a Dr. on a Saturday and ShopRite had a Minute Clinic and pharmacy on the premises.
Yes I was annoyed and disgusted when I saw the Diabetes Bible Miracle Cure on display, but I thought, no way would CVS, my regular pharmacy hock such crap!

I mean, just two short months ago I received a Press Release from a PR person hired by CVS, waxing poetic about CVS Extra Care Advantage for those of us with "the betes," and how people should talk with their CVS Pharmacists in order to save money on diabetes meds, supplies, and the likes there off.

I'll admit it, I'm a fan of CVS bucks and was happy to hear I'd be double my bucks just for being a PWD. I was all, "YAY CVS for finally getting some money (instead of spending it) just for having diabetes."

Your my pharmacy of choice, and I was royally pissed off when I walked into your pharmacy today (on my lunch break) and saw that you peddle this tripe to your diabetic customers.

On one hand, you pitch the Diabetes Bloggers on how your trying to help people with diabetes, and on the other hand you pitch "miracle cure" books to the diabetic masses. Either way, your profiting from us. So why not do the right thing and ditch the miracle cures and focus on being HEALTHY, making sure people take the right meds, and take the $$ you've made off this crappy book and donate it to research for a diabetes cure?

I'm seriously considering switching pharmacies- because honestly, I find this book to be so reprehensible and dangerous and firmly believe that no self respecting pharmacy should be selling this book.

If any of my readers tweet, let @simplyCVS that you don't like what they're selling.
Or give CVS corporate a ring at: Phone: 401-765-1500 and tell them in person!


Wendy said...

That's crazy!

Interestingly, Kelly from Chasing Numbers, was at CVS last week and texted me a pic of that exact same book!!!

Rachel said...

Now I am tempted to hop over to my local Walgreens and look to see if they've got it, too.

The sad part is, there are people who do believe this stuff.

phonelady said...

Yeah what I want to know is how can they peddle this crap and sadly some will buy it and believe it . Im so angry at this and the stupid commercials they put on tv about diabetes that is so not true . Ugh !! GRR !! Okay retracting my claws now LOL !!!

Cherise said...

That's not right at all! I can honestly say I'm tired of seeing this can "cure" diabetes every where! Last I checked we have diabetes, not stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this enrages me. Now I want to go out in search of this book, but fear that doing so will not "cure" my anger but instead raise my blood sugars and lead to even more frustration.... Will calm down and man my own campaign locally on this. Fools. Everywhere.

Kaitake said...

What is a pharmacy doing stocking a religious text? If it's not medical, it just shouldn't be stocked. Full stop. Otherwise they might as well call them selves a book shop. Grrrrrr. Our pharmacies don't have books and I like it that way!
-- Grumpy in New Zealand...

(p.s. @Cherise, love your comment about stupidity!)

Bob said...

Ahh - CVS - one company I'm glad I no longer work for.

Anonymous said...

I believe the correct Twitter name is @CVS_Extra .