Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Amazing Grace

I've had 3 diabetes meet-ups in as many weeks- and I'm terribly behind in posting them.

Today I'm writing about the second of those meet-ups, to be followed by the 1st and the 3rd, because I'm weird like that. AND I'm afraid that Miss Grace -Of -My - Heart will call me "Kelly-Belly" if I don't write about her first!

A few weeks ago, Penny from A Sweet Grace emailed me and said that she and her family (including Miss Racy Gracie) would be spending the week in Ocean City, NJ.

Since my ancestral home is just a few beaches away, she wanted to know if we wanted to have meet up, D-style.

Well of course I did, so we met up on the steps of Ocean City's City hall on the corner of 5th & Asbury Avenues, in Ocean City NJ.

The minute Penny and I saw one another, we hugged, while Grace and Jessica (her look alike American Girl doll) said "hello."

The three of us started walking and talking, and we fell into step just like old friends do, even though we'd never met one another in IRL (In Real Life) before.

Penny is awesome on every level, and Grace is most certainly her mother’s daughter. Soon all three of us were chatting up a storm.

Until Grace spied BeDazzles (Randazo's) and declared that she wanted "to eat at Bedazzles!" So we did.

Penny and Grace have such a great relationship, and I really admire the way Penny works with Grace regarding her diabetes. They test and count carbs TOGETHER, and Penny makes it clear that no blood sugar number is bad.

It's obvious that Grace is confident about talking to her mom about all types of things, including diabetes! We talked about life and living, Friends For Life, diabetes camp (Grace is going!) and everything in between.

Oh yeah, GRACE is AMAZING!

And as long as were being honest- I want to be just like Grace when I grow up!

She's beautiful, articulate, and funny! And her insights about the world, including but not limited to; boys (I need her help in that department), diabetes, nicknames (I know her's but I’m not allowed to say & she loves calling me Kelly Belly), American Girl Dolls, all things math related (girlfriend is a math wiz), booggie boarding, grill cheese sandwiches, letting me in on the universal secret that"The Bird Is The Word," and making others laugh!

Grace = magic!

After dinner, we walked around town some more, before they headed off for some family time on the boardwalk.

Miss Grace-of-My-Heart had (has) my heart indeed. She and I walked with our arms around each other and did the dance I lovingly refer to as doing the "pump bump"!

Finally, it was time to say our goodbyes, and that was hard.

Miss Grace-Of-my-Heart: I don't want you to go!

Kelly Belly: Me either- but we'll have more meet-ups both at the beach and Philly- maybe some other places too!

I hugged Penny and Grace goodbye and Gracie and I blew one another kisses along Asbury Ave, calling our goodbyes in dramatical tones.

I miss them both very much, and I can’t wait to see them again!

Grace of My Heart


George said...

So awesome! All d-meetups are great!

Anonymous said...

AAWWWWW! What a way to make someone cry!!!
Totally awesome that you got to meet up with Grace.
All D-meetups - whether with kids or older "kids" - always touch my heart. It's like you finally get to meet a long-distant brother or sister and you never want to leave them once you've met.

Daniel said...

Thanks for being another great role model to Grace, we all need 'em. You two are super cute!

Anonymous said...

What Grace! Sounds like an awesome time, and certainly a heart-warming one to read about. Great picture. Echoing what the others have said, all D-meetups are great and even more special when there's someone like you serving as a role model.

Karen said...

Oh how awesome!!! And after reading all you had to say about Grace, I want to be like her when I grow up too!!

Penny said...

Oh Kel - thank you for the lovely meet-up write-up! Also, thank you so much for so many things- for meeting me and the G, for being such an inspiration in the D-isphere and for being YOU. You are a delight and feel like an old friend. G loves you and I thank you for that - the connection that was made. You are awesome hon!

Scott S said...

Kelly Belly (a.k.a. K2), cute story and great photo of both of you!

Renata Porter said...

How fun for all of you!

Ophir Lehavy Busel said...

How awesome! And what a great picture! I agree - d-meetups are lots of fun - wink, wink.

Cherise said...


LaLa said...

Your post made me cry!! I love Penny and Grace too and we have never even met in real life. Penny has been a great support for me and I hope that my son and Grace get to meet someday soon.

I'm so glad you were able to get together. :)

Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

So sweet!!! What a heart-warming post!

Unknown said...

So cool! That is a really great picture of you two!