Friday, July 30, 2010

Diabetesalicious-Lite Edition 7/30/10

Happy Friday !

This weeks edition of Diabetesalicious lite is as always, short and sweet and darn near to the point of being bolus worthy~

If you happen to be in the Midwest and are parents of a teen with diabetes who's itching to get behind the wheel, Medtronic has partnered with the Juvenile Diabetes No Limits Foundation to offer a free Test Before You Drive program for teens.

Test B4U Drive offers teens with diabetes real-world, hands-on training taught by professional instructors whose job is to teach your teen to identify and react to critical situations behind the wheel.

Interactive classroom sessions will teach defensive driving techniques and combined with diabetes related tips like checking glucose levels before driving; pulling over to a safe place to check again when driving long distances, so teens with the big D can feel empowered, in charge, and in control of both their car and their blood sugars when they get behind the wheel.

The program officially kicked off on July 19th in Los Angeles and was followed bu a Commerce City Colorado program this past week.

If you live in the Midwest, you still have a chance to experience the program in August.
•August 2-4, KCI Expo Center, Kansas City, Mo.
August 9-11, Standard Bank Stadium, Crestwood, Ill. (Chicago area)

For more info, visit
To learn more about the Juvinile Diabetes No Limits Foundation, click on the following link:

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The following list of Top 50 Diabetes Blogs listed in no particular order from the website made it's way into my in box a few weeks back. take a look and you might recognize some d-peeps!

Wednesday's Diabetes Q & A discussion on Twitter, conceived and hosted by the fabulous Cherise was quite awesome! The conversation was fast paced, humorous, and filled with all sorts of information to help type, 1s,2s, and 3s live, learn, educate, and navigate through a diabetes life.

If your not quite sure what I'm talking about it, no worries, CLICK HERE and read all about it! If you feel a bit like a "twit" no worries, because Bennet does a great job of asking Cherise how a Twitter "twit" can join in the discussion HERE . Read, learn, and join in next weeks conversation!


Cherise said...

thank you for all of the info! A special thank you for mentioning the twitter discussion/chat. Diabetes Social Media Advocacy is a cool place to be on twitter every Wednesday night at 9pm.

btw, the poop talk had me cracking up.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, that training program for teens sounds like a great idea - even for some of us "older" young-at-hearts. It's easy to forget some of the basics sometime and for new drivers, this is valuable information. Thanks for posting it. I'm going to share it with a friend of mine who has two teenagers getting near the "driving age". :-)

Unknown said...

I love Jacquie's post (the fairy tale post). Fantastic stuff.

I love your guest post on a blog I love. Fantastic stuff again.

I am so proud of Cherise and I love all of the thought provoking questions and answers.

Love ya K2!