Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I am what I am – Which Makes Me Either Sound Like Popeye Or Alban from La Cage Aux Folles

I am many things, but mostly I'm a study in duality.

Both patient and temperamental, with a first name that literally means "Brave Warrior" in Gaelic.

Mostly I seek to keep the peace, except when I'm protecting others.

An imperfect person who finds the beauty in nature’s flaws.

I am strong and at the same time fragile.

I wear an insulin pump but prefer dresses to trousers.

I’m industrious because I’ve found a way to make the above sentence work.

But ironically, I only received a C in my Mechanical Drawing class.

I am a talker, yet I can be surprisingly quiet when I'm listening.

I am brave and scared all rolled into one.

I love children and am called “Aunt Kelly ” by many, instead of Mommy by one.

Some say I’m funny; others call me down right bawdy.

I don’t take offense to being called a “Dame” but still act like a lady- except when I don’t.

Sometimes I get too hungry for dinner at 8 – but before each meal I always test my blood sugar and bolus accordingly.

My eyes are hazel, but have a decidedly greenish blue hue when the mood strikes.

I prefer spicy and sweet with a dash of savory for good measure -

But I’m still “salty” and that suits me just fine.

I have known sadness and anger but I still seek out the laughter.

I have been hurt and I’ve been happy- and I still see the glass half full.

I’ve lived with failures and successes and have learned important life lessons from both.

I’ve been a person with diabetes longer than I’ve been a person without.

It’s made me see things differently than most.

And my greatest weakness has become my greatest strength.

I still want to see a cure in my lifetime.

I am the girl next door, all grown up.

And have become the woman who is constantly becoming.


Unknown said...


SarahK said...

Very well written, K2. I love it!

babscampbell said...

All I can say is Wow! That was an amazing post K2. I wish I'd written it, but alas, I only got a C in Creative Writing. :)

Rachel said...

Love your ...lovely poem. :)

Penny said...

Beautiful Kel, just like you!

Reem said...

kelly this was just fabulous!!
quick question, how do you wear you pump under dresses? i've about given up....

Becca / SingleWhiteDiabetic said...


For Birdy, I find the pump tucked in the bra best for dresses.

Unknown said...

This is so you K2. I love it. :-)