Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SYMLIN & Being A Duck

I wanna be a duck!

ON my SYMLIN front, I hit a detour that led me to a nasty stop called SINUS CITY, a horrific place that left me crawling in muck and barely able to breathe.

Yes, I’m a bit dramatical, but this latest sinus infection caused me to have a fever; no voice, & no appetite. I barely ate and had to increase my basal rate to fight off the infection.

I was placed on an antibiotic that caused my mouth to perpetually taste like pennies (seriously disgusting) and my stomach to experience all types of cramping. And here's a strange but true Kelly Kunik Fact: According to my Dr., I "was born with extremely narrow nasal passages." LOVELY. I couldn't be born with a narrow waist or narrow feet, I had to be born with narrow nasal passages!

And did I mention the fact that I lost the ability to breathe through my nose? Yep, true story.


Hanging around Sinus City caused a major snag regarding my SYMLIN increase from 15 mcgs to 30 mcgs.

Was I frustrated? YOU BET YOUR SWEET ASS I WAS, but my diabetes pit crew and I decided it was best to get back on schedule and start again this week. My team didn't want me taking SYMLIN if I was barely eating 15 grams of carbohydrates for dinner -They were afraid I'd suffer wicked lows.

SO now I'm back at the beginning, 15 mcgs at dinner until Friday. If all goes well I can up my amount to 30. I keep reminding myself that slow and steady wins the race,like the turtle and the hare - But comparing myself to a turtle (and I'm really not a big rabbit fan) causes a whole other set of issues, but I digress.

Honestly, I'd rather just be a duck,and let the whole SYMLIN frustration thing roll of my back and keep moving forward.

I keep thinking about my insulin working more affectively, less blood sugar spikes, weight loss, and a better A1C.

I had all of the above when I was on Metformin, but I was one of the 10 % whose hair ended up on the carpet instead of my head.

And I try and keep the nausea part thing in the back of my mind. If it makes an appearance I'll know it- I can't spend all my time focusing on it.

Having to prolong the SYMLIN baby steps is annoying, but it was necessary.

But even with the baby steps, I noticed better blood sugars and no "grazing" after dinner.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t know, but diabetes requires an incredible amount of work, boatloads of tenacity, and an extreme amount of patience.

But diabetes has also taught me (us) that if at first you don’t succeed; keep trying until you kick some major ass!

P.S. Yesterday, Sarah Jane wrote a great post regarding her SYMLIN experience. Click HERE to read it.


Cara said...

There is nothing wrong with being dramatical!! :)

jb said...

Drat. All this titration interruption is hardly titillating. :(

Hope your second run is silky smooth!

Renata said...

Eh, now you have the pain in the ass stuff out of the way. Nausea and all the other stuff will seem like nothing. And there is nothing wrong with getting all dramastic about things.

Penny said...

You go girlfriend! It's ALL a serious pain in the ass, but here we are another day, so it's all good honey, it's all good.
Headed to OC on Thursday for one last beach day with G and the girls. We annually say goodbye to summer and 'close up' the ocean for another year.
Glad you are feeling better!

Unknown said...


Hope you get past the drama and onto the awards stage soon!


Unknown said...

K2, we love all of your dramatical goodness. :-)