Sunday, October 31, 2010

33 Reasons To Celebrate My Diaversary

33 reasons to celebrate My Diaversary
  1. I'm alive
  2. I'm living
  3. I'm learning
  4. My family
  5. My friends
  6. Finding the Diabetes On-line Community
  7. Becaming part of the Diabetes On-Line Community
  8. I look great in red
  9. I look fabulous in green
  10. My nieces & nephews ROCK
  11. Halloween & all that goes with it
  12. Discovering new things that make me happy
  13. Doing better than I did before
  14. Learning from my mistakes
  15. The Ocean
  16. Diabetes meet-ups
  17. GLEE
  18. Writing posts that make me proud
  19. Reading posts that me think, feel, learn & relate
  20. Having just enough Half & Half in the carton for my second cup of coffee
  21. Belly laughs
  22. Achieving Blood Sugar Nirvana after bolus worthy foods/treats like cupcakes,tastykakes, nutella, and dark chocolate covered strawberries!
  23. Dressing up in costumes
  24. That amazing feeling when a child tells you that they love you
  25. Doing what I fear first and realizing that I can indeed do it
  26. First kisses
  27. New places
  28. Old haunts
  29. Little blessings
  30. Loving
  31. Being loved
  32. Discovering that my greatest weakness (my broken pancreas) has become my greatest strength & passion
  33. Hope

33 years of living with Diabetes - And the beat goes on~


Rachel said...

Happy diaversary...and many many more.

(And #15? The ocean? Love.)

Renata said...

It feels weird saying "happy" diaversary, when speaking about a disease...but then you have pointed out you have so many things to celebrate. Wishing you many smiles, lots of laughter, internal comfort and many many many more years!

meanderings said...

Good for you!
And, thanks for being a great encouragement to the rest of us.

Unknown said...


And GLEE is totally a reason for living ;)

FatCatAnna said...

Kelly - Great way to celebrate by counting off each thing you enjoy in life - that's what counts the most! Can't imagine some of the diabetics out there with over 50+ years of the D - what their list would look like (mine would include The Partridge Family ). Remember, we're all living longer with diabetes with all the advancements that have been made (good bye glass syringes and needles that are sharpend on a stone - ugh - me Cave Woman) - but still will be great when we FIND A CURE!!!

Eileen said...
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Eileen said...

happy diaversary!!

wonderful post!

Auntly H said...

Happy Diaversary, K2! That's a fantastic list to keep growing.

George said...

You might want to add a 1.5 or something because I think Tasty Cakes would be on there.

Love you heaps!! Happy 33rd year of kicking diabetes in the neck!

Penny said...

Here's to 33 more glorious, kicking-ass years of rockin' the D Kelly. You are a wondrous woman who is very loved!

Mike Durbin said...

Happy Diaversary, Kelly! Lots of Love, my friend!

Hallie Addington said...

Happy 33! # 32 is my fav- although it's really hard to choose just one! Hope it was a stellar day!

Sara said...

Great list! Great reason to celebrate! Here's to 33 more (too cynical to say 33 more unless a cure comes first)!

Kim said...

I think you forgot one... 34. I'm awesome.

Ah well, I guess you can save that one for next year. ;-) Congrats!!

Karen said...

Happy 33rd to one fabulous Diazon!!!

Nancy said...


Anonymous said...

I love this and will be borrowing the idea saturday (with linkage of course!) Happy Diaversary, Diazon, you are fantastical! Love ya!

Unknown said...

Seriously??? You were diagnosed on Halloween? Now that SUCKS!

Thanks for your grace. I appreciate it and am inspired by it.

Jamie said...

I love number 1, but the rest make it all worthwhile. :-)