Friday, October 29, 2010

Diabetesalicious - Lite Edition: Featuring SAE, My Diaversary

Happy Friday and welcome to this weeks edition of Diabetesalicious- Lite, brought to you by 2 things that are worth celebrating:

SAE Day - happening on November 1st and my 33rd Diaversary, occurring this Halloween weekend.

What is SAE Day? I'm glad you asked! SAE stands for Support, Advocate, & Educate and is the brain child of Sarah over at Sugabetic.
According to Sarah, the ideal behind SAE Day is to do something in relation to each letter on November 1st to “SAE” and raise awareness about diabetes (and living with diabetes) in a fantastical way.

Support: As in support events, campaigns, and fellow DOC members in their campaigns about diabetes.

Advocate: As in using your voice, writing abilities and tenacity to write letters to your elected officials about diabetes awareness and research, healthy food campaigns for your local schools, and calling up makers of your favorite foods and tell them that High Fructose Corn Syrup has got to go, or you'll stop buying their products!

Educate: As in educating others about living with diabetes. Defuse those pesky diabetes myths that haunt us all and teach others about diabetes realities.

To learn more details about SAE DAY, click HERE and read what Sarah over at Sugabetic has to say about it!

My Diversary

This weekend I will not only be celebrating Halloween, but my 33rd Diaversary of living my life with diabetes.

I will celebrate the good, the bad, and the Diabetesaliciousness of it all.

And I will celebrate my survival, the fabulous Dr's Bantings and Best, my wonderful diabetes family, and I will celebrate the little girl who has now become a woman who is grabbing life by the balls every chance she gets!

I will wear my Halloween costume (which has the potential to be fabulous) and waive my diabetes freak flag proud!

And when your Diaversary rolls around, I highly suggest you do the same!!

And YES, there wil be a more detailed Diaversary Post with pictures to follow this weekend!!


JaimieH said...

awesome! Happy D-versary! 33yrs of kicking ass! xoxoxo

Zita said...

Happy Dia-versary! You rock!

Sunny said...

I wanta see your costume.

George said...

Happy D-verasary Kelly. I love you so much more than bacon!! :)

Unknown said...

I can't wait to hear all about your SUPER FAB WEEKEND...I hope it's full of sparkles.

Not sure why I added just remind me of sparkles and I have 3 we're kind of sparkley, shimmery, and GLAM over here :)

Anonymous said...

Happy <3 <3 Diaversary - your magnificence empowers others daily.