Monday, October 4, 2010

Diabetes Blog Plagiarism Is Rising Faster Than My Blood Sugar After A Six Course Pasta Dinner!!

Apparently On-line plagiarism is going around the DOC, not only is Mike Hoskins from "The Diabetic's Corner Booth" work being stolen from a fake website, ( and I highly suggest that you read the post he wrote about the subject today by clicking HERE) so is mine - and there's a good chance yours is too!

It all started out a few weeks ago when I was checking out my statcounter report and noticed I received a few hits from a website called - My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to check it out.

The website looked legit enough, but something looked off with the name and the content. Yes folks, something smelled rotten in Denmark!

Soon enough I realized what stank to high heaven. First off, Bayer changed the name of Ascensia Contour Test Strips to Contour Test Strips three years ago. Secondly: All of my posts (including photos and timestamps) from most of the summer were listed word for word, picture for picture, and timestamp for timestamp for all the world to read on this website. And I was listed as a "member," and contributor to their site. I am neither a member or a contributor - I am victim of theft.

My work was being ripped off left and right and I was (am) furious!! Like every other blogger in the Diabetes On-Line Community, I pour my heart and soul into my work - it's my passion, "my "baby," and a huge part of my life. This 50 hour a week "habit" has helped me take my career in a diabetes centric direction and it's turned my diabetesalicous life into a diabetsalcious passion & career!

SO, me being me, immediately contacted a PR rep who's company represents Bayer via email.
And to her credit not only did she get back to me, but she forwarded the info to her contact at Bayer.

The next day I received a call from a Bayer rep who not only apologized profusely for the fact that my work was on the site, but thanked me for alerting Bayer to the existence of the site. Turns out, not only isn't the website owned or endorsed by Bayer, but Bayer had no idea that the site existed. Bayer's legal department has been working diligently to find out who's behind the company and has been wonderful with keeping me updated with status reports on the subject.

Bayer also issued the following statement on the matter:

Bayer Diabetes Care was recently made aware of a website, "". This site includes unauthorized, illegal use of our trademarks and products. We want to make it clear that it is not a Bayer-owned site, nor does Bayer support, provide content to, endorse or profit from the site. Bayer Diabetes Care seeks to ensure that our products and trademarks are represented appropriately, Unauthorized use of Bayer trademarks may result in legal action.

The rep from Bayer also let me know that the web host is and the site was set up by Ming Jung Tey in Singapore.

Bayer has been nothing but supportive to me in this matter and for that I want to publically thank them from the bottom of my imperfect pancreas! THANKS BAYER.

This information has been forwarded to my attorney and proper steps are being taken.

I strongly suggest that if your a diabetes blogger, you check out the site ( I refuse to link to the site, but I know your all smart enough to cut and copy the link) and see if your work is on the site.

Not only are bloggers and Bayer works and products being misrepresented, but several diabetes organizations are being misrepresented as well.

Bottom line: While the title of this post may be humorous in nature, the subject matter and content isn't funny at all. As a matter of fact, on-line plagiarism is a crime - A BIG ONE.


Unknown said...

Ahh WOW...I read Mike's post this morning as was shocked. I doubt any of my stuff was taken, as I am not a big wig...and am fairly new, but will scope it out anyways. Thanks for the heads-up.

Have a wonderful week.

Kellys Blogs said...

WHOA!! Not cool! Kick their ass, K2, as I know you will. *grrr*

LaLa said...

Holy CRAP! This gave me chills - not the good touchy feely ones but the CREEPY not good kind that run all the way down your spine. WTH?

Thanks for posting and keeping us all in the know.

Get 'em K2!!!

Penny said...

Whoa there! Just tried to look up the site and I cannot locate it. Maybe it has already been taken down? That's just crazy - there could be no other diabetesaliciousness - there is one and only you Kel! Shame on them. I believe in karma so what goes around comes around is what I say - they will get theirs.

The poor diabetic said...

To say this is Insane is an understatement. I guess they think they are untouchable being outside the US...
I cannot wait for the swift ass kicking that's coming their way...SHAME SHAME SHAME

Sunny said...

Sorry to say, I am not surprised. Nothing on the web is safe, and I mean nothing. I understand there is a way to set your site so no one can copy anything from it. So far, I haven't done that, but I am considering it.

batts said...

Maybe it's just me..but it seems more like a pingback site? I didn't see anything that showed a "membership" list..but maybe I missed that.
all the articles give a "original article" which links back to the original blogger's website and entry.
Were you not getting pingback notifications? Thankfully, with wordpress you have to approve a "pingback" aka where your blog post is linked back before it happens. Doesn't keep them from taking the post, but keeps random sites from linking to yours.
either way, this kinda thing sucks! welcome to the internet though =/

Katie from SF said...

Ick. Terrible.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Oh, that's so upsetting! Thanks for alerting us. I'm so glad you got Bayer and your attorney in on this.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You go girl. Thanks for alerting us to this and for following through with Bayer.