Sunday, November 21, 2010

Butterflies In The Garden~

Place: In the front garden of a little cottage by the sea~
Date Pictures taken: 10/09/10 with my trusty little Nikon CoolPix
Photographer: Kelly Kunik

"If you stand almost completely still... and just be-

It's amazing what the butterflies in the garden will let you see.

Painted Ladies, and Monarchs too

Will dance about the garden -

sharing their secrets with you."

kelly kunik

Purple Fandango
Winged Creature- Pre flight

Monarch amongst the daisies

Undermined Baby Flitterfly

Painted Lady, Eye of Wing

Painted Lady With Daisies

Painted Lady with Daisies -Aerial view

Close-Up of a Painted Lady's Wing

Painted Lady - A Study in Blue

Tandem Flight

Painted Ladies - Quatre
Big & Little Painted Ladies


Mike Durbin said...

AWEsome photos, Kelly! Thanks for sharing. :-)

Pieces of My Life (Elizabeth) said...

Wow, you're a hell of a photographer! (And a poet?) Was this cottage in Jersey? Had no idea we had butterflies as late as October.

Brent Pocker said...

Of all the blogs I've read today (and there have been a few), this was by far the most creative and actually left me feeling a little inspired. Cute poem and terrific photos as well. Thanks for a pleasant end to a great weekend.

Lora said...

What great photos.