Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! Here's 2 Clips To Make You Laugh & Lower Your Blood Sugars

HAPPY THANKSGIVING DOC!! May your day be filled with laughter, happiness, good family & friends, and a bolus worthy meal followed by Blood Sugar Nirvana!

Laughter lowers blood sugar, and to help get the yucks rolling and your numbers heading south, here are two of my FAVORITE TV/Movie Thanksgiving clips, EVER!

Every Thanksgiving on Diabetesaliciousness, the energetic & hyperkenetic Dot, from MadTV gives her take on the holiday. And every year, I still laugh when I watch this clip. ENJOY.

This year I've added the Thanksgiving scene from Adams Family Values - I think this is one of the best movie portrayals of the holiday ever filmed! If you've never seen Adams family Values, you to Net Flick it, NOW.

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