Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lazy Saturday Morning Diabetes Prose

30 diabetes posts,30 days a row means that I will be attempting al types of diabetes writing!
The following poem is a diabetes free write. 10 minutes writing about anything diabetes that came to mind.
And after the 10 minutes of writing, I found myself all types of sentences, and was able to take some of these sentences, link them with others & turn them into a poem !

Lazy Saturday Morning, all crisp and cold
#Bgnow,104 all in bold.

Steaming, hot cup of coffee,
need to make that two -
One for me and yeah, one for you!

Then watched a chick flick for an hour
And stretched the rotator cuff for a few
Breaking up the frozen shoulder a bit,
It totally sucks that this frozen shoulder won't quit!

Lots of thoughts running through my head,
And this Diazon has a lot to do

Time to bust the the diabetes myths,
and get the diabetes facts all in Que.

We are not lazy candy freaks, downing ice cream by the gallon.
We are all types of people including type 1s, type 1.5s & 2s.

We might be your neighbors your boss, or your friend,
And there's a good chance we might be you in the end.

So learn the diabetes facts
And stop throwing stones,

Because even though my pancreas is broken,
I know I'm not alone.

There are millions like me,who want their voices to be heard,

Millions like me who are spreading the word.

Millions like me, who will show those diabetes myths the door

And millions like me who walk and raise money for the cure.

So listen up now, and be prepared to get schooled -

I may have diabetes, but I ain't no lazy ass fool!


Rachel said...

Word. (and this was far from a lazy poem.)

Nicole said...

great job and you did that in 10 minutes??WOW!

Anonymous said...

Say it LOUD sista!!! Love it!

shannon said...


Last year my family made a JDRF walk fundraising video that parodied "Lazy Sunday" from SNL, and we rhymed Cure with Christian Amanpour, so I am a fan of your rhyming style.

I especially enjoyed door/cure and schooled/lazy ass fool. :)

Unknown said...


Geez, middle of the night blood sugar checks are teaching me that so many people are doing NaBloPoMo!!!

I'm adding you to my NaBloPoMo blogroll now...if you know of anyone else I'm missing, please let me know ;)