Monday, November 29, 2010

'Tryptophandango Brain" is Still In Progress

Tryptophandango Brain: WHen your brain is all sorts of wonky after ingesting A Thanksgiving turkey dinner and it's many leftover incarnations.

OK, since I'm all about honesty, I'm still experiencing the phenomena knows as 'Tryptophandango Brain," BIG TIME.

It’s been two days since my last Thanksgiving turkey leftover meal and for some reason, my brain is still tripped out on the tryptophan – at least as far as my diabetes and diabetes blog are concerned. Scratch, that - my Tryptophandango Brain is affecting all aspects of my life, diabetes and otherwise.

I'm still working the increased temporary basal rate thanks to my sinuses issues, which means that I’m constantly sniffling, and carrying an imaginary 50-pound weight on my nose.

I’m working on ½ a dozen blog posts/ diabetes articles, but none are completely finished yet.

National Diabetes Month comes to an end tomorrow and the holiday rush has officially started already.

My work schedule is starting to get busier and that makes me happy - I’m not stressed about work getting busier- I’m stressed about the other stuff.

Like right now, I’m gathering my tax receipts (which stress me out to no end) and reorganizing all sorts of things in my life. All good, but damn if they don’t cause me to stress!

Time goes by so quickly, and when I stop to think about all that’s happened in the past year, it blows my mind!

And then, when I think about what still needs to be done before years end, I come damn near close to stopping in my tracks and freaking out.

Does this happen to everyone during the Holidays, or am I the only one who's feeling like a deer caught in the tryptphandango headlights this time of year??


Ronnie the poor diabetic said...

It always seems that time goes faster at this time of year, maybe its coz of daylight savings and sunsets at 5 pm but it always throws me out of wack.....

Cara said...

I understand completely. I'm losing my mind. And I'm not totally in the holiday spirit either, so that makes it even worse. :/ But, we'll survive. Maybe. :P

Carol said...

Yep, the year-end frenzy is on! We managed to get our Christmas tree out of the attic this weekend, along with a couple of bins of decorations. The tree is still in parts in the living room floor, and we're considering leaving it there and calling it modern art!

NJRae said...

I get that feeling too but the last couple years I've made the time each day to stop and really look around me and find the joy in the blessings I have and the busyness. It helps, I feel better and get more done. Two of those blessings have birthdays during the holiday season to add to the happy chaos.

Penny said...

Oh the frenzy that runs from Tgiving to Christmas - yes, it has begun. As for turkey on the brain - well, that's every day round our house!