Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dearest Doorknobs

This is a doorknob - and don't let the fact that it looks so innocent fool you!

These are Gnome Doors - They pose no threat to insulin pumps and are very cute~

These are "The Doors." Their lead singer was hot & you can totally rock out to their songs~

Dearest Doorknobs -
Stop stalking my pump tubing & I at every turn!
Stop tugging - sometimes ever so gently, and other times literally YANKing me so hard that my tubing's pulled until it's taught, forcing my body backwards at least a foot.

But somehow, my infusion set stays put and foils your evil plans.
Except of course for the times when you cause my infusion set to loudly rip with full force that makes my head spin and belly bleed.

It's a delicate dance that you and I have -
I acknowledge your existence and your gravitational pull towards my pump.
The almost magnetic attraction that you have towards all things tubing & pump.
I acknowledge your the opening mechanism to doors, which are the gateways to other places, rooms and locations - both real and imagined.
Doors keep out enemies and cold weather and give us much needed privacy.
And doors have the magical ability to close one opportunity, while miraculously opening up another and allowing opportunity to knock.

I dig doors - especially walking through the Red Door at Elizabeth Arden Spas ~

Doorknobs, you and I have the unique relationship of being old friends and foes.
And I respect that.
In turn and on most occasions, you allow me to walk by and through you sans incident.
Except of course when you don't.

You seem to work your evil gravitational forces when I'm wearing my crispest white shirt, or running out the door to work, or when I'm sans a spare infusion set.
But try to stop me from walking by, past, and through all you want.
Because no matter what, I'm walking through all life's doors and experiencing all the adventures that await - and I'm packing a spare infusion set on my person just in case you decide to act up!


Unknown said...

Walk on, my friend!!!!

We haven't dealt with doorknobs much, because she's a child. Oh, but she's growing every day.

And I can see those doorknobs just waiting...and plotting...

We'll beat 'em too :) If I can survive today, anyway.

Scott S said...

All this talk of doorknobs makes me think of the AbFab "Doorhandle" episode http://youtu.be/CIFeJexseSk & http://youtu.be/xHKHJPpYTz0. Hopefully, seeing-eye doors will eliminate the need for doorknobs in our future residences!!

Haley said...

I love this! I have the same exact issue way too often.

I'm Haley. 16 years old. Diabetic of 5 years. and best friend of Isabella Tognini.

Meri said...

Yeah, my boys aren't tall enough to have the door knob nemesis...yet. But the first day they do get caught, you can bet I will think of you and tell them not to let anything stop them from walking though life's doors!

Type1RockStar said...

haha! even though i don't have a tubed pump i do have to watch doors places i sit or how i sleep, i can rip the whole omnipod off! i hate that!

Sara said...

Doorknobs and more recently the little knobby thing on the top of the vacuum that you wrap the cord around. So annoying!

Sunny said...

Does it sometimes feel as if the doorknob is a tubing magnet? Maybe you need to demagnetize it ;-).