Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Woke Up This Morning And What Did I See?



So I woke up this morning,
And what to my wondering eyes should appear?
Not eight tiny reindeer's - NO, it was something much more cavalier.

I stared straight at my pump tubing tangled in the tassels of my snowflake PJ's
Not knowing how to start to untangle my pump tubing maze.

After unplugging myself from my tethered confines
I unraveled my heavily travelled pump tubing line.

It's always something with diabetes you see
Be it being told by the D-Police to try Cinnamon enemas for a cure, or drink ginormous gallons of green tea.

Be it sneaky doorknobs, or bolus worthy crisp apple strudel
Stubborn bg highs and plummeting lows
Or a leaving a test strip trail right under one's nose.

On this morning instead, I chose to laugh out loud-
And decided that the best course of action would obviously be...
To blame it all on Kerri's post yesterday, over at Sixuntilme.


Cara said...

:) Happens to me all the time! But the worst is when I get my pump tubing tangled up in my mp3 headphone wires.

Martin Wood said...

Haha! Love it! I guess blaming it on Kerri is something different than the usual excuse of blaming it on "D".

Haley said...

I swear at night our pumps come alive and have parties without us...

Jonathan L said...

Sooo, I've taken all these cinnamon enemas and you're telling me it's not gonna work?!

Maybe Dr. Oz has an open slot for an appointment.

Better yet, I'll call Halle Berry, she's got this D stuff figured out. :)