Thursday, December 23, 2010

Old School Is Great When It Comes To Rap, But Not So Much When It Comes To Diabetes!

I'm off to the Apple store to get a new charger because my mac book pro charger melted- YES, MELTED and Lord knows when I'll make back!

The following video is totally old school! It's RUN - DMC's "Christmas In Hollis."
The song and video came out in 1987, back when testing your your blood sugar took 3 minutes and came with an instruction book that was 120 pages long, there was no such thing as counting carbs, lancing devices were considered deadly weapons and insulin pumps were the size of VCR tapes. Everything delicious was off limits and there was no such thing as "options" in the world of diabetes.

"Old School" is awesome when it comes to rap music, but not so much when it comes to diabetes care. Remember that as your "chilling and coolin just like a snow man" this holiday season!

Rock out to the tune and count your blessings that diabetes management has come such a long way, because many of us barely survived the diabetes dark ages!
As for me, I'll be line at the Apple store! "Naughty, naughty!"


Cara said...

We used to go to the video store and rent VHS tapes AND the VCR. Cause almost no one had them! :) Ah...old school. But I agree about the annoying "old-school" diabetes. Ug.

Ronnie the poor diabetic said...

I still consider some of the D management, old school but am glad it is what it is today. I was gonna ask you to tell Steve Jobs when you see him that we could use a sleek D gadget maybe a pump but on second thought, never mind. I sure wouldn't want that thing melting on someone....Best of luck with the last minute shopping crowds, I know its gonna be a dicey experience.