Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm Verklempt!

Like my friend Linda Richman, I'm totally verklempt!

God I’ve missed you!

I apologize guys, It's been a crazy few days filled with a stomach virus; which was immediately followed the next day by an eye appointment that left me feeling dazed, confused & literally blinded by light, and job with uber computer issues the last two business days which left me unable to access the Internet from “said job,” not to mention throwing a wrench in completing certain “said job” projects on site sans cyber capacities.

Between you and me, I really contemplated biting the bullet and dialing up a la 1997 so I could revisit geocites and the likes there of ;)

So yes, it’s been challenging, frustrating, and I’m jonesing for my D-O-C fix, BIG TIME.

And don't even get me started on my attempt to Christmas shop over the weekend. Let's just say that the term "shit storm" more than sums up that experience. And note to the idiot in the TJMaxx parking lot who took up the last two parking spots with your Astro mini van: YOU’RE AN ASS-HAT and there’s a special place reserved for your kind in hell!

But out of all the chaos, something happened that had (and still has) me feeling surprised; honored, & emotional every time I think about it. I received an email last week letting me know that I’d been nominated for 3 Diabetes Online-Community awards (2010 DOC AWARDS) in the following categories:

Funniest Blogger - WOW

Most Likely To Put You In A Good Mood - This just made me smile, laugh & get verklempt - so go ahead, "talk amongst yourselves. Here, I’ll give you a topic:The Holy Roman Empire. It wasn't holy, it wasn't Roman, and it wasn't an empire. DISCUSS!"

Blogger With The Best Use Of Bad Language - Ok, seriously, what the f^ck?

But truthfully and sans the bad language: I wanted to say THANK-YOU from the bottom of my imperfect pancreas. No matter what the outcome, the fact that a fantastical group of people chose to put my name along side other fantastical people in our community just blows my mind and reminds me how grateful & happy I am to be part of the DOC!


Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

Glad to hear you are getting better and are back in action.

Congrats on the nominations!

Scott Strange said...

"Let's face it. She's pooped!"

Bonus points for naming the movie that is from

Renata said...

I tried to warn you about going shopping!

Andrea Wrape said...

Congrats on the nominations!! Glad all is on the mend.

Penny said...

You deserve every nomination you get - heck if I could get you an Oscar, a Grammy, an Emmy, whatever - I would totally nominate you for those too my dear :0)

Unknown said...

Congrats Kelly on the nominations! They are much deserved! (((HUGS)))

Meri said...

You made me laugh out loud woman. I love uber spunky Kelly.

Congrats on your nominations! You always make me feel good! I don't stand a chance! But I'm unbelievably honored to be nominated along side such an amazing woman as yourself!

Cara said...

You are completely worthy of every one of those awards (although I nominated you for a totally different category!). :)
I'm glad you are feeling better and I'm glad the computer issues are going away. We've missed you!

jpnairn said...

And I want the bonus points for saying Blazing Saddles.