Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Writers Block Totally Blows - But Miniature Donkeys Are Totally Cute!

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Writers block totally blows!

And yes, I'm currently suffering from a gnarly case of writer’s block.

Maybe it’s because it’s like 10 days before Christmas and I have yet to complete shopping for those on my list.

Some might say the writer’s block is caused by the emotionally draining experience of going for my eye exam last Friday. Let’s just say I'm not a fan of my new Eye Dr - More on this subject in a future post.

Others could point the finger and put the blame on Animal Planet, more specifically, the really cute special they aired this past weekend called: Top 10:Peculiar Pets 101.

And ever since I watched said special, I’ve been incessantly googleing the following terms: Miniature pet donkey breeders in the tri-state area, do miniature donkeys make good pets & do miniature pet donkeys detect low blood sugars?

In the fantasyland that is my brain, I keep wondering if having a mini pet donkey would make the perfect pet for me. Seriously, those little mini donkeys are so freaking cute and they are so damn friendly! Seriously, they're like love puppies! Of course there’s the whole space issue and the fact that they don’t like dogs and I'm not sure if they get along with manatees ( my other fantasy pet), but I digress.

Maybe it’s the fact that there are 5 unfinished posts that require more research currently sitting in my “Posts in Progress” folder. And for some strange reason only known to the Blog Gods, I keep choosing to ignore said folder on my desktop.

Some believe it's a total chick thing related to PMS and my salt cravings this week.

Or, it might be because there was intense cupcake discussion today on twitter with @karen_mst , @sixuntilme, @cerichards21, @diabetic-iz-me, & @txtngmypancreas and now all I keep thinking about the dizzying and delicious varieties of cupcakes @

Side Bar It's Karen's Diaversary today, so click HERE and tell her to have a Happy Diaversary!

So what do you do when you’re suffering from writers block? Do you embrace the clutter of information that’s currently crowding your brain and run with it, hoping it will lead you in the direction of all things blog post worthy?

Or do you ignore it and eek out a post you’re not really thrilled about?

Or do you forget about writing a post and punish yourself by listening to the inaudible/WTF are the kids thinking? sounds of “the Bieber” (I so don't get the whole Bieber Fever thing) in the hopes that your ears will bleed and you’ll be left uttering incoherent sentences from the self-inflected Bieber torture and won't have to worry about a blog post at all?

Diabetesalicious minds want to know~


Kim said...

As long as you don't end up with a case of Bieber Fever, I think you're good.

(Thanks for the mention! I can't wait for my cupcake adventure.)


Cara said...

Cupcakes....yummy! :)
My roommate is obsessed with teacup pigs.
I guess growing up in the country makes me not quiet so obsessed with the minature farm animals. LOL :D

Penny said...

No writers block here - it's mind-numbing I have a zillion things to do block!!!! I gotta post. I gotta blog. One the other hand - you coming to the Betes and Bennet on January 22nd? Me and the G will be there - Lee Ann and Gary S - can't beat that!

Renata said...

Kelly what in the hell would you do with a donkey? Seriously! Hehehe

Bob Pedersen said...

I find that writer's block for me typically means that there's no topic I feel ready to write about - that is, such topic ideas as I have require either research or further mulling. A number of times, I've "cured" myself by reading a bunch of d-blog posts - I'll find either something I want to respond to or get a trigger for something I really want to say.

LaLa said...

I get block when I have too many posts swirling around in my brain at one time! I just can't focus!

Bieber Fever - oh please no!!

A donkey - realy???

On the donkey topic - that's what I call my brother because he's really just a jackass! :)
Nate started calling him Uncle Donkey!! bahahaha!!

Unknown said...


And really, a "folder" with posts in progress? I am so impressed. Maybe I should try that so I am not left scrambling and writing about non-sense all the time.

When I have "The Block" I just stop writing - UGH.

BTW...the donkeys are ADORABLE.