Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Coming To Grips With A Kelly Kunik, Cold Hard Fact

The other day I realized several things about myself, and I thought I’d share:

  1. I’m extremely hard on handbags & shoes
  2. Not only do I leave a test strip trail, but a triple AAA battery trail as well.

Let’s start with the handbag. A few months back I scored an eggplant colored leather bag with antique brass colored metal zippers and shoulder strap rings. Said snazzy bag was 60% off and cause me $16 bucks, cold hard cash!

I was happy, I was styling, and I still had money in my wallet.

And not to brag too much, but everyone who saw said snazzy bag was like: Oh my God, I totally love your bag!! And that just makes a girl all types of happy and proud~

But after a month, the side metal zipper started to stick a bit and last week, that very same side zipper lost a tooth (in case you don’t know, zippers actually have teeth) and no longer zipped. It was time to take my prize handbag to the cobbler and hope for the best.

I dumped the bag of its contents and noticed a few things.

1. I carry a lot of crap

2. Finding $10 at the bottom of your handbag never gets old

3. I found a receipt that I’d been looking for all week

4. There were 5 used test strips in the one of the inside pockets of the bag

5. I had at least 2 triple AAA batteries rolling around in there – And I wasn’t sure if they were used or not!

After testing both batteries, I realized that they still had plenty of juice and promptly put them in one of those tiny little Ziploc bags lancets come in. I keep them to carry spare batteries in – same goes for those fancy little cloth jewelry sacks.

Anyway, I dropped of my snazzy bag and if all goes well, I should get it back from Mr. Cobbler Man today.

Now, rewind to a few days ago, I went shoe shopping and bought a spiffy new pair of boots by a company called Naot. Not only were these shoes boots pretty,(here's a pic) but damn if they weren't comfy too boot! And yes, pun intended!

But seriously, Naot has some great shoes that will literally make your feet do a happy dance! Yes, they were expensive, but they were worth every penny!

I don't need to wax poetic about diabetes and feet and how hard it is to find shoes that look AND feel good, but I will tell you when I find a shoe brand that does and Naot did!

Which brings us to yesterday, when I was cleaning out my desk drawer and found 2 infusion sets, one canister of unopened test strips and 3 more triple AAA batteries. Two were dead and one worked just fine.

And that made me come to grips about a Kelly Kunik, cold hard fact: I’m a diabetes supplies hoarder who happens to have a thing for snazzy bargain leather handbags and pretty shoes.

Yep, it's true - And I can totally live with that~


Cara said...

I'm a handbag horder. But I totally end up finding one and carrying it forever and the others pile up. My real weakness: luggage. If I could afford it, I would have all kinds of fantastical luggage. :)

Renata said...

Wait, lancets come in a baggie? I find loose batteries all the time too, but ours are from the 360 controller. I need to buy a tester. Hope you got your bag easily fixed.

Brenda Bell said...

I'm also hard on handbags -- which is one reason I prefer carrying a high-quality technical backpack whenever possible. It's also why, years ago (and back when they had a lifetime guarantee) I invested in a Coach all-leather handbag -- not only do those things wear like iron, but back then, if they failed you brought them right back into the Coach store and they sent it to the factory for repairs, and the factory mailed it right back to your home, for free. It was well worth the factory-outlet price of $150 to not have to spend $50 every other month on a new leather handbag (or $30 every month on a non-leather or fake leather one). Nowadays, I cringe whenever I need to think about carrying a handbag rather than a backpack.

Donna said...

handbag hoarder, here too... but not cuz I am hard on them... I just can't EVER possibly have enough of them. Serious addiction. :)

We find test trips and batteries everywhere too... :)

Louise said...

Fellow Naot fan here. Which boots did you get? I have the Allure in gray patent leather and those puppies are way more stylish than I am!

Your handbag sounds awesome.

Anonymous said...

As a manpurse toter-arounder, I am not a handbag hoarder. However, my purse-carrying wife may disagree... And in thanks for lugging my D-crap around, I buy her shoes (and cupcakes!)

Jess said...

you go girl! watch out world, here comes kelly! also, cute boots, and there's nothing better than a fabulous purse! :)

Alexis Nicole said...

Hand bag hoarder too! And i have Js strips everywhere lol..

I say a pic of said bag is required ;)

Tracy Portner said...

don't get me started with scarves LOL

Jules said...

ooh we have test strips and pen needle top covers everywhere (omg yes, sounds awful)