Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pharmacy Phuck Up - Or Why 3mm Makes All The Difference In My Diabetes World

This Post is late, and now I know why I didn't publish the post I had originally intended this morning. It didn't feel right or finished. And then this happened tonight. Diabetes blogging works in mysterious ways~


Time: 6:26 PM

Date: 3/10/11

Weather: Torrential rain & wind

Blood Sugar: 70

Mood: Angry

Cause: CVS Pharmacy Phuck up


Dear CVS Pharmacist:

You know me, and have for a long time.

You refill my insulin and pills and the likes there of.

You know how hard I work on my health; you know my insurance company has" issues", and you know that I'm a loyal customer.

You ask me to trust you, and I try, but it's my health and I'm always skeptical.

Especially when I see poor choices being made by healthcare professionals that are supposed to be there to answer my questions and concerns and assist me in making positive choices regarding the diabetes Rx tools that I must use every single day of my life.

Tonight the wind was howling and the rain was pouring and I wanted nothing more than to get home, eat some dinner, pack for my trip and pay some bills.

I'm tired, it's been a long day, and to be perfectly frank, I JUST DON'T NEED COMPLICATIONS IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW - Diabetes or otherwise.

BUT I had an RX to pick up: BD- Ultra-Fine III Mini Pen needles, 3/16' (5mm) length needles to use with my Symlin Pen.

1 RX, it should have been SO easy.

So simple in fact, that I didn't even open the brown paper bag you handed me, so I'm partially to blame.

But there was a long line behind me, and I wanted to get home.

And I trusted your judgment.

I finally made it home, wet and cold and ready for dinner. I peeled off my clothes and threw them in the washing machine, put on my PJ's and opened the fridge. The left over salmon and 1/2 a sweet potato looked good, as did the broccoli. SOLD!

Before I tested my blood sugar I grabbed my Symlin pen, and just for shits and giggles I decided to compare my new pen needles to the ones my Dr. gave me.

But here's the thing, you gave me BD Ultra Fine Pen Needles, #31 Gauge, 8mm and 5/16".

Nothing mini about them at all.

When I called you up, you told me that my Dr. Had written an RX for 6 mm, which apparently they don't make, so the Pharmacist thought 8mm, (instead of the 5mm that they also had plenty of,) would be just dandy.

REALLY, a longer needle works for you?

Because I got news for you, it doesn't work for me, not one bit!

My body is a human pincushion and damn it, I rely on smaller, finer, less piercing to the skin needles whenever I can get them!

I jab my fingers 10 to 15 times a day to keep my blood sugars in check and I have the finger callouses to prove it.

I'm hooked up to an insulin pump almost 24 hrs a day and I'm taking the Symlin shots to makes said insulin work more efficiently. So yes, I want the smallest Symlin needle possible.

I do all of the above willingly for better control and good health - Regardless of how annoying, time consuming and painful diabetes tools can be.

Needles are just the tip of the freaking diabetes iceberg.

And go ahead, call me a bitch; I could care give two shits!

And then I literally Asked you: REALLY, a longer needle works for you? Seriously? If you were me, which needle would you would prefer piercing your skin with?

And then you mumbled something about the 5 mm being the one you'd go with.


So why didn't you consider that choice for me?

More importantly, why didn't you call me and ask me which needle I'd prefer?

Yes, my Dr. was one mm off in his RX, and that right there is why you should have called both of us!

So tomorrow morning, when I should be working, packing for D.C., writing, etc. I'll be discussing your mistake with your boss, and getting my RX filled properly.

I don't have time for this!

Why do I care so much about a lousy 3 mm?

Because I never get a break or a day off or a vacation from diabetes and I get tired of it sometimes.

And tonight, I could have used having one less thing to worry about or do.

And I'm mad at myself for allowing 3mm to make me tear up in anger and frustration - but I can't help it.

Because sometimes in the world of Diabetes, it's the little things that make all the difference~


Penny said...

Oh Kel I am so sorry. It's just the little things, which are really BIG things that throw us all sometimes. Here's hoping that CVS doesn't ph-up again.

meanderings said...

Having had similar issues, I always, always open the bag before I leave the parking lot. It sucks. We shouldn't have to do that.

Cara said...

After getting home one time with the wrong type of insulin, I don't trust anyone. I'm sorry you have to deal with stupid people. :(

Bard Owl said...

This just made me stare at the 3-month supply of 8mm needles I just got in the mail and think....they come in 5mm? Being new to diabetes sucks. As does pharmacy complications.

Unknown said...

ARGH!!!!!!! I swear these little things can throw you over the edge sometimes. You're right -- ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!!!!

But you know what...YOU ARE AWESOME too :) And I **KNOW** I'm right about that!

(PS - We moved to AZ from Southern MD...the DC area is my home. The idea that so many of my pals are meeting up on my old stomping ground and I won't be there is kinda making me sad :( BUT if you make it to Murphy's Irish Pub on King Street in Old Town Alex...raise a cider jack for me!!! CHEERS!!!)

Anonymous said...

Why the Fructose do they ASSUME?!?!?! Seriously. We're talking about prescriptions here, things that impact a person's health. Not a toothbrush off the freakin shelf. If it's something any schmuck can just guess at, then why crap do we need to go through the hassle of obtaining Rxs anyway? Sorry this happened, K2. Hope the boss-scolding goes OK and they resolve this without any more headaches. Hope the next day before the trip and travel smooths out, too!

Alexis Nicole said...

Maaan thats just bull. Good for you letting him know whats what.

Seriously why would longer needle be better!? Sorry you had to deal with that.

But yay for DC! Im with Wendy....soooo jealous!!

Sysy said...

This has happened to me about 3 times and every time I am explaining to the person behind the counter that I am the one using the needles and so whatever preference I have should have take all precidence. The people look at me like I'm a picky and stuck up girl who is ranting over a couple of measly milimeters! It drives me insane. I don't mind someone not getting it initially, I do mind when I try to explain and they clearly don't want to hear it (sometimes even rolling their eyes). Sorry it happened to you :(

Lora said...

this happened to us once, but they didn't give me a hard time about switching.

It DOES make a difference!

Hope you have a good trip :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with your anger. Diabetes is always with you and should theses pharmacies make decisions for us instead of asking us. They don't care because it does not effect them, if they did they would hink twice when filling your prescription.

Rachel said...

Really is the little things. Generics instead of the real thing, needle size differences - yeah. I get that, sometimes I just don't want to fight it, I want it right.

Valerie said...

Totally get it! I teared up once because the company I get my pump supplies from shipped me the looong tubing. I always get the short one and I prefer to not have the extra wire wrapped around me. We deal with enough on a daily basis so I know how one little mishap can send you over the edge! I'm glad you were upfront with them about the whole thing.