Friday, March 4, 2011

I Am More Than Just A Broken Pancreas & A Human Pincushion...

Never assume......
I am more than just a broken pancreas and a human pincushion
More than my insurance card's membership I.D. and group number .
Don't base my worth on my last a1c and don't make assumptions when you see high or low numbers in my blood sugar log.
Every one of my numbers tells a story - and most time it's not so cut and dry.
Maybe my 335 is based on a dead spot or a rebound from a low.
Perhaps that 220 number was a much needed heads up to an unseen infection.
Same goes for the lows.
That 3 a.m 40 might be because of a pizza bolus miscalculation,
or because my day was crazy hectic and I was more active than normal.
Other times, it's just because diabetes feels like it.
Don't even get me started on the hormone/Adrenaline factors!
And don't you dare assume that I brought diabetes on myself!
And for your own good, don't let me here you blaming others for their diabetes.
If you blame my mother - LOOK OUT.
I am not a diabetes myth or stereotype
I am a diabetes reality.
A real live person who is living their diabetes life 24X7.
A life filled with the good, the bad, and the diabetesalicious of it all.
NEWSFLASH: No one with diabetes is a myth or a stereotype -
We are people.


Anonymous said...

Well said, Kelly! Bravo. Applause.

Kimberly, Meal Mommy said...


Reem said...

great post, as always, kelly! you are simply amazing!!

Heidi =) said...

Love this Kelly! Great post!

Valerie said...

I want to print this out and show it to people when I get any sort of judgment or any kind of irritating comment. Well said! :)

Sarah said...

You rock. And so does this post.

Donna said...


Misty said...

I love this! Today the "it's not so cut and dry" part hits home for me. I've had phone conversations with my T1 daughter's school nurse every day this week. I feel like she thinks I can't get it together b/c one day she is calling b/c she is low...and the next she's high. I think I need to print this out as well.

Mike Durbin said...

Fantastical post, Kelly!

George said...


Meri said...

When my endo started downloading pumps and then wouldn't come in until the endo of the appt with her analysis, I knew we needed to have a heart to heart.

My boys are more than the numbers on that page, I told her just exactly what you said, every number has a story! She can't make changes based on what is on those pages! There are explanations for some of those things that have nothing to do with ratios! Three is human error, pump failure, illness, sports...and tons of other things!

You are more than all that for are a diazon! And that is fabulous!

Kerri. said...

We are people! LOVE that. :D

Tracy Portner said...

if you blame my mother - LOOK OUT! -- love this! and yes, my dad is a person, too.