Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Yeah, I don't think this would work!

Can I just share with you how much I hate packing?

First there's the pre-packing, which involves writing a list, doing uber amounts of laundry, visiting my pharmacy a million times, and zip locking all my clothes into see through zipper bags of various sizes so:

1. I can see where things are
3. I worry about bedbugs & zip locking your clothes is supposed to help
3. Airport security won't make a total mess of my jam packed purple suitcase!

My diabetes supplies takes up more room that they have a right too, and I always pack more than I need regarding said diabetes supplies.

I have a thing about my feet NEVER touching a hotel room floor (no matter the hotel) so I end up bringing a ridiculous amount of white footie socks!

I'm always concerned about my feet being comfortable so I always bring at least 3 pairs of shoes!

I'm always worried about the weather so even if the forecast calls for sun - I bring at least one sweater, plus the plane's ventilating system tends to freeze me out 1/2 way through the trip!

I always bring extra clothes because I'm all about options!

And all I can say is this girl needs options!

AM I the only PWD who has travel idiosyncrasies?

Now, what's with all the packing? I'm leaving for LA bright and early tomorrow morning on a 7:30 am flight (which means getting up at 4.a.m) leaving for the Airport by 5!

I'll be attending the 2011 Medtronic Diabetes Advocate Forum on Friday, April 1st and I'm excited! I'm looking forward to attending; participating,g and watching the conference through others eyes, while learning more than a thing or two in the process!

You can follow the conference on Friday, April 1st on twitter - The hashtag is: #MedtronicDAF

More on this the Forum to follow!

FYI: If you have any questions re: leave them on Friday's post and I'll pass them along!

Disclosure: As I've mentioned in a previous post, Medtronic paid me as an independent contractor to do some consulting with them re: Forum. Medtronic is also paying my expenses (and others attending) including; travel, hotel, meals, etc to attend said Forum.
Medtronic is NOT paying me to write about this event, nor did they tell me what I can or cannot write about this event.

My thoughts, I will of course be sharing with you are my own and from my own diabetesalicious brain~


Cara said...

I'm glad you're going. As for the packing.... I over pack everytime. And other than too many diabetes supplies, shoes & extra underwear take up the most room. I think the over packing things come with the diabetes. We're taught to always be prepared for anything.

50+ Ironman Goal! said...

You should do the Bennet version....Throw everything in a duffle bag and hope you didn't forget anything. Mind you as far as I know he hasn't even begun thinking about packing.

Kim said...

Swear to puppies, I think you and I might have the same Travel Brain.

Have a GREAT time and I'm glad you're going to this!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

You are not alone! I'm the queen of the over-packers. A girl must have options! Besides, I'd rather be safe than sorry. I have a friend, whose dominating husband insists she can only bring one carry-on no matter where they go or for how long they'll be away. Can you imagine?!

Have a great trip! Looking forward to reading about the forum here and on Twitter!

Hallie Addington said...

You are not alone! I pack like a month of D supplies... JUST IN CASE! You never know when 4 sites might go bad the same time or 6 cartridges break or you test like 50 times a day....

And clothes!?! Good Hell... Shoes for every occasion imaginable. Clothes for every season.

And Sweets?!? Bows, bows, and more bows. Matching shoes, outfits, jewelry, purses, pump packs....

Is it any wonder J hates going thru security with us?!?

Good luck!! Safe travels... And give Meri a BIG GIANT HUG for me!!

Valerie said...

I (surprisingly) do not overpack, though I love to have options while at home. Have a great time!

Brenda Bell said...

I think overpacking is genetic -- though usually for me, it's everything but the clothes that are overpacked. It's not that I don't account for unexpected soilage and unexpected weather -- it's just that after I add in the mobile office (laptop, portable printer, power supplies, surge protectors, network cables, extension cords, multiple types of paper, spare ink, etc.), the travel iron, the haircare appliances, and the toiletries, there's hardly any room left for the diabetes supplies -- much less clothes and shoes!

Leighann of D-Mom Blog said...

I just packed and then realized that *everything* in my suitcase is black. It's still winter here (kind of) and I haven't broken out the spring clothes.

The good news is that all the outfits match my favorite Dansko shoes.

Off to rethink and repack...

Unknown said...

Luckily, mascara doesn't take up much room...

Have fun...and give Meri a "belly bump" from me please!!!

Lora said...

Can't wait to hear all about it :)